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CV Templates

The Virgil, £15

✅ Easily editable and customisable in Word and InDesign format

✅ 7 impactful colour options included — pick your fave and off you go!

✅ Helpful FYI hints and tips within the template to walk you through creating the perfect CV


Pick your format...

Virgil CV Template for InDesign

Virgil CV Template for Word


The Stella, £15

✅ Easily editable and customisable in Word and InDesign format

✅ Matching Cover Letter design template included

✅ Helpful FYI hints and tips within the template to walk you through creating the perfect CV


Pick your format...

Stella CV Template for InDesign

Stella CV Template for Word


Need help with your CV content?

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Don't let the job-hunt overwhelm you!

Our mini-workshops are designed to guide you through a variety of job-hunt topics in a fun and digestible way.

✅ Bitesize content to avoid overwhelm
✅ Get 24/7 access with your own login
✅ On the go? Watch and store all of your FYI mini-workshops in the app

'Hack Your Job Hunt in 90 Mins' Mini-Workshop


Not getting any replies?

Whether you're looking for an internship or want to land your first job, this Mini-Workshop will give you practical tips, techniques, and Industry insight to make career-driving moves. Want a preview? Check out the above video.


Wondering WTF to put in your Cover Letter?

Not sure how to start a cover letter? What to put in it? How to form it? How to change it effectively per application? Look no further! This FYI Mini Workshop is for you!

'WTF Goes In a Cover Letter?' Mini-Workshop

Add These Words to Your CV

The 6 Cover Letter Golden Rules

Mini Mini Workshop

Want a quick fix?

Our Mini Mini Workshops will do exactly that. At only-10 mins in length, they give you a full overview without overwhelm. Pause it. Read it. Watch it. NAIL IT.

Virtual Reviews

REALLY want that role?

A fresh pair of expert eyes could make the difference between landing the role, or not! Our virtual reviews are designed to help you when you want to make sure your application is the best it could possibly be! Benefits of the virtual reviews:

✅ 1:1 Advice & feedback
✅ Review your chosen assets together
✅ Ask any Q's along the way
✅ Get actionable steps to perfect your application

Virtual CV Review

Virtual Review

Most popular!

Putting a CV together can sometimes feel like a mountain to climb! You have to create something that 'sells' you as a creative, is well written, formed to perfection and one that looks fabulous! But fear not, let's refine and evolve yours together — virtually via Zoom.

Virtual CV and Cover Letter Review

Virtual CV, Cover Letter + Portfolio Review

Virtual Mock Interview

Virtual Review

Got an interview coming up?

Let's do a mock interview! Designed to restore your confidence and get you ready for the real thing - a little bit of practice goes a long way!

Join the FYI membership where we learn, grow and flourish.