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Scout Assistant


Start Date: ASAP
Closing Date: Rolling

Job Type: Ad Hoc
Suitable For: Students/Grads
Length: Ad Hoc
Hours: Flexible

Salary: £10 p/h

Location: Remote



We connect creatively minded individuals to brands looking to learn and innovate. Working without databases, we search the corners of the internet to find interesting people who are passionate about the topic at hand. We've matched individuals with research opportunities across industries and sectors, from fashion and footwear to healthcare, virtual reality and finance. Our recruits have taken part in projects for Adidas, Beats, SONOS, Asahi, Pacifico, Diageo b2b, Pepsico, Bayer, UCL, BBC, Ikea and many more.



If you're interested in talent scouting, casting or headhunting this opportunity might be right up your street. Looking beyond the fashion industry you'll be responsible for researching, identifying and contacting individuals who fulfil a wide variety of briefs based on their interests, lifestyles and behaviours. From fashion and footwear to tech and biohacking, we never know what the next brief will have us exploring. You'll be working in the research industry and will gain experience and understanding of how brands learn from consumers, experts and influencers to help direct their future business decisions. You won't be working with any databases or lists, the world is your oyster. There is also an opportunity to take on more responsibilities within the business over time.



  • Understanding and interpreting client briefs to identify ways of finding people
  • Researching different topics, communities and trends
  • Identifying individuals relevant to the brief
  • Reaching out to potential leads to inform about the project opportunity
  • Nurturing relationships and answering questions to get leads to apply
  • Writing profiles from the applications for sign off
  • Scheduling activities
  • Building lists of interesting individuals in different industries/trends


  • We often compare the role to being an online sleuth ️

  • Social media: you'll need to be good at using social media to follow trends and find people who are talking about and engaging with certain topics

  • Research: you'll need to have strong abilities in researching different topics and trends to map out different individuals and networks

  • Creative thinking: this is key, you'll have to be creative in thinking about what types of people might be relevant for a project's objective. The brief can sometimes be quite open and it's our job to think strategically about the skills and experiences that would be useful

  • You'll also have to be creative and strategic in thinking about how to find people. Sometimes the communities are there for you to tap into, other times you'll have to think cleverly about how you might find someone

  • Perseverance - this is THE most important thing to succeed and enjoy this type of work. We want to make sure you enjoy the role and so are honest about the fact that it can be monotonous and challenging

  • You need to be determined and self-motivated

  • Strong communication skills - you'll need to be clear, concise and engaging in your communication, with great attention to detail. If you have any experience in headhunting, scouting, casting, talent management or recruitment please make this known



This is a super-innovative and exciting start-up! Brands like this are Jasmine's thing — so how about chatting to her about it at the weekly Members Meet-Up every Friday at 11.30am? Try one out with our 7-day free trial


Please send these assets to the employer's email which will be sent to you via the form below:

  • CV
  • Cover email with any relevant experience highlighted and a brief explanation of what interests you in the role
  • Public social media links



The role will be flexible / ad hoc and will be paid £10 p/hr on a freelance basis, so we will need to be invoiced for the agreed time.


To get the employers email, please enter your email address and it will be sent directly to your inbox!