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Claddagh Creative

Social Graphic Design & Content Creator


Start Date: ASAP
Closing Date: Rolling
Job Type: Internship
Length: 3 months minimum
Hours: 3/4 days a month max at the moment, after three months there’s the opportunity to come on for up to 3/4 days WEEKLY with an increase in pay.

Salary: NMW

Location: Manchester but will be 99% remote!



Claddagh Creative is a boutique social media agency based primarily in Manchester. We’re looking for a Social Media Graphic Design intern to join our team. Your role will be VERY varied but at the core, we’re looking for someone who loves creating creative social media content in the form of Reels/TikToks and Social Graphics. You’ll be responsible for designing and posting original creative content on our client's online platforms, alongside Claddaghs. We’re looking for someone motivated, creative, willing to learn, and flexible but most importantly we’re looking for a genuinely lovely person to work with! We’re a small team but a close team. We've got a bit of a different ethos and energy from most agencies so we’d love someone who can fit right into that.

  • We come first BEFORE our clients, happy staff = happy clients
  • Life is short, and no client or project is worth your mental health
  • We’re flexible - you work where and when you want to work as long as you never miss a deadline or a meeting
  • We’re all about growth, the more we grow, the more you grow
  • Marketing never stops, and neither should your education, wherever possible we’ll push you to educate yourself through online and in-person courses, webinars and networking events
  • We’re pretty new so things will change, so we need someone willing to grow and learn with us!



  • Although the position is remote, you may be required to meet in person a minimum of once a month so we ideally need someone based in Manchester, especially at the beginning
  • 3 days minimum a month to begin with so it’s super flexible
  • Experience with TikTok / Reels / YouTube shorts is a preference but willing to find someone who is creative and willing to learn
  • Comfortable to film reels and TikTok’s, both behind and in front of the camera
  • A degree is not essential but some form of graphic design or social media course is preferred
  • Ability to use and understand Canva, and Adobe Software
  • Experience in Mailchimp and Privy is preferred
  • Freelancer or Student preferred!
  • Most importantly, as mentioned above, be a genuinely lovely person



As mentioned your role will be VERY varied! But some of the core tasks may include the below:

  • Create social media graphics for organic and paid purposes including illustrations
  • Design Email marketing campaigns
  • Working with our clients on branding packages
  • Working with our team on all graphic design projects, from conception to delivery
  • Putting together mood boards and plans for content creation
  • Planning, and creating Reels and TikToks for our clients, both behind and in front of the camera



  • Canva efficient
  • Adobe efficient
  • Need to be TikTok and Reels obsessed!
  • Knowledge of social media platforms would be great



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FAQ Is this PAYE? No, this will be a freelance paid position even after the 3-month mark. You’ll be responsible for your tax, NI and pension contributions.

How long is this internship? Length: 3 Months minimum It’s 3 days minimum a MONTH, so not much just yet but as we grow the days will too. Is there potential to stay on afterwards: After 3 months (or before depending on how things go!) there is an opportunity for a pay increase, alongside making this a permanent position. We’re not entirely sure if we’ll be able to offer a full-time position by the end of the 3 months but the aim will be to increase your days and pay.



Please send these assets to the employer's email which will be sent to you via the form (pink box) below:

  • Cover Letter should be in the form of a reel using a trending sound explaining why not only YOU would be a right fit for Claddagh but why WE would be the right fit for you (you won’t be considered without this portion)
  • Send us your CV / Portfolio - PLEASE do not worry about having lots of experience, this is a paid internship and we’re willing to help you on your way. We just need someone who is social media-obsessed and loves all things video and graphic design
  • In the final stage, we want to know what your number one dream is. Whether this is to travel the world whilst working from your laptop or buy your dream house by the age of 30, we want to know! 
  • If you are selected you’ll then get an invitation to attend an Interview in Manchester City Centre from WC Monday 2nd of May


To get the employer's email, please enter your email address, select the role and it will be sent directly to your inbox!