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Workshop: The Fashion Illustration Basics with Millie


The first of our creative workshops! This WAS SO MUCH FUN. I sat down with second-year fashion student Millie, who showed me the Fashion Illustration Basics. Not only did she show me how to get started, how you can progress the skill — we also chatted about her career-uni and lockdown journey. I REALLY recommend this! We start with cutouts of hands, feet arms etc and you can too! We have included the cut-out PDF here.

Millie has THE best tips and coming from a drawing rookie like me — it was so so so so interesting, insightful and fun! I loved it! 

** Don't forget to create content based on this video for our big Love Month video! Film yourself creating! More info on it here **

  • Something creative and fashion-based to get your teeth into
  • To brush up on existing fashion illustration skills
  • To try out a new skill
  • Some first-hand tips of how to create and where to start with fashion illustration


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