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Posted on May 03, 2020
Coming out of this craziness, competition for roles is going to be high! So you need to ensure you show up and stand out. Let's snap up these new opportunities that ARE on the horizon with these 7 tips:


With competition high, the aim of the game is to keep the employer engaged in YOUR CV and not swipe to the right. Do this by only stating relevant information. Constantly ask yourself; what will this employer be impressed by? What will get their attention? What will make them think I am the one for the job? 

Hannah who is hiring you for a digital role won't be impressed that you have done The Duke of Edinburgh in 2018, but she will be impressed that you helped grow your uni's social account to 20k and got 20,000 impressions on one of your posts.



You REALLY need to understand the brand before you send your CV. It sounds so basic, but you would be so surprised how often this is neglected in times of panic and rush. What do they do? What are their values? What are they all about? Once you have a good understanding of the brand you need to ensure your CV aligns with this too.

For example, if you are applying to a sustainable fashion brand, your interest in fast fashion should not be making an appearance on your CV - that isn't going to be appealing to the brand. 



The 'About Me' or 'Profile' section on your CV is just a short section, but it really needs to round you up as a creative. It should clearly tell the employer who you are, what skills you have and your strengths.

Don’t you think it would be great to understand how other people would describe you for a new perspective? This also helps if you are struggling to write about yourself.

TOP TIP: Whilst you are at home and EVERYONE is on their phones, ask your pals how they would describe you as a person and as creative. Or make it fun and do a shout-out on Instagram! Put a story up with the question box feature, and ask your friends something like; 'if you were to describe me 3 words, what would they be?'. 
For more help on how to write your CV, check out this guide here.


Employers LOVE to see your personality — this is what will stand out to them in a stack of 100 CVs. To ensure your CV reflects YOU as an individual but to really nail this read through your profile and take a look at how you describe yourself. You might say you are a creative, forward-thinking, digitally native individual, so PROVE this. For example:
  • If you say you are 'digitally-native' and going for a social role, give your CV some digital vibes and add hyperlinks (see below).
  • If you say you are 'creative print designer', add an element of your print designs to your CV.
  • If you say you have strong skills in Fashion Journalism, ensure your CV is literarily perfect. 


Let's get the employers attention with a visually eye-catching CV! Adding an element of design to your CV is key. If you have elements of personal branding be sure to add these. This can be your logo, fonts and colours. If you aren't sure where to start with creating a personal brand, check out these posts on personal branding here.

TOP TIP: An effective and quick way to add a bit of pizzaz to the design of your CV is to use the brand colours of the company you are applying to. I know employers love this! We also have CV Templates in the FYI Shop.



Language is one of the most important ways to create an engaging CV. Employers want to see exciting, vibrant and emotive language. Start by looking at your descriptive words and try swapping them with more exciting and elevating words.
Try swapping out words like 'creative' with 'innovative', or 'motivated' with 'stimulated'. Basically, don’t be *BASIC* with your language. As soon as someone reads cliché language, they can switch off. Let's have a look at some word swaps:
Creative > Imaginative, Zeitgeist
Passionate > Purposeful, Earnest, Impassioned
Team player > Collaborative
Eager > Ambitious
Hard working > Industrious
Like > Affection
New ideas > zeitgeist approach
TOP TIP: Use the job description (and existing ones online) to find key industry buzzwords and terminology to blend into your CV. We have written about it in this article. Also, Power Thesaurus is a great tool.


Having hyperlinks on your CV is a super nifty thing to do. It shows that you are tech-savvy and also practical because it leads the reader directly to something. For example, you can hyperlink;
  • Contact details; such as your website and email address.
  • Social handles; instead of just having @mynameis, directly link them to your Insta. Just make sure you use the web address.
  • Live Projects; this is a great extra section to have on your CV with added hyperlinks. This could be a blog, website or project you are currently working on.
  • Specific projects you have worked on; link specific projects that you have worked on that you have talked about in your CV. This could link to a project on your website, an Instagram post or even a piece that is on the company’s website. For example:

    APRIL 2015 – JUNE 2015

    Created trend lead editorial layouts for the front and back of the book of the bi-annual fashion magazine. This role gave great experience in editorial design and an in-depth understanding of commercial magazine company culture. See the design here.
 For help with hyperlinking on InDesign, check out this tutorial here. (Oh, the irony!)

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