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Posted on Jun 12, 2020

I was recently asked whether you should have a separate professional Insta or entwine your work into your personal Insta. The verdict: 10000000000000000% CREATE A SEPARATE INSTA. Why? Because in this career-climbing-game we need to be strictly professional. This will be another professional profile to make you SHINE and get you in front of industry experts  — PLUS IT’S FUN TO CREATE AND DEVELOP!!



When you are networking and reaching out to brands on Insta (which you should be), this is the profile that employees will see. When you interact with them you want to show them your skills and who YOU are as a creative — not you with ya mates in Croatia.

They will be more likely to respond or interact with you and take you seriously when they see your work, branding, skills and creative-credentials. We all have a private life that is vital to maintain, so have a profile for YOU and have another CREATIVE/WORK profile.


Let’s start from the top…

  • Add your personal branding to profile pic, this could be your logo, block brand colour, icon, print or pattern.


  • Ensure your Bio clearly states who you are and your title (Graphic Designer, Social Media Genius...)
  • Like LinkedIn, you can add “actively seeking…”
  • Add your previous experience and @ the brand if you can (PR Intern @MollyGoddard)
  • Use emojis as bullet points if this fits with your brand, or just a normal bullet points

TOP TIP: To get line breaks in your Bio, type it out in notes as normal and paste back in your bio.


  • Add your website
  • If you don't have a website (you should) you could add your LinkedIn profile, a live piece of work you have worked on such as a link to an article...)

TOP TIP: Use Later 'Link in Bio' to link specific things on your feed to your website such as projects, articles. Like I have set up on the FYI Members Insta. It's free!


  • Use highlights to showcase you and your brand in a snapshot. For example, you could have: “Values”, “Work Process”, "3 Things About Me", "Testimonials"
  • You could have an "About Me" highlight which was a video of you explaining who you are and what you are about. Having that would be so great!!! It's great to show your personality
  • Ensure you add your branding to the highlight front cover. I like just plain colour here!

  • This really is dependant on your specialism. But overall, your feed needs to REPRESENT you as a creative and showcase your skills to entice and excite the potential employer, brand or industry individuals. What can you post that will catch their eye when they see your profile?
  • Mix up pieces of your work, voice your options, values, quotes from previous employees
  • You HAVE to provide value with your posts, don’t just create a feed which is essentially a Pinterest board. For example, your final collection at Uni was a sustainable collection so instead of posting an outfit from a sustainable brand you love, have a post such as "4 of my FAVE UK sustainable brands". It's great to educate!
  • Try to post once a day

TOP TIP: Use IG Line Break to produce the perfect captions with line breaks!


FYI Member and Features Writer, Ellie, has a FAB work feed. Check out here.



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