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Posted on Nov 27, 2020

OH MY. THIS. WAS. EPIC. One of my fave Q+A's to date! So much value, tips, advice from the self-promo OG — Alec.

  1. The importance of Self-Promotion in this new 2020 world

  2. Alec's number one rule when it comes to Self-Promotion

  3. How you can pump up your Self-Promotion game! Where do you start and how do you keep showing up...

  4. How you can 'show up' if you are a little shy

  5. We share some student/grad Self-Promotion success stories in which they have gained paid roles/opportunities

  6. Top hacks for nailing online presence

  7. Top Tips for making an online conversation with an industry professional

  8.  Alec's advice for creative students and grads for 2021


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