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Posted on Jul 27, 2020

We all know what kind of content needs to go into a CV, but wanna know how to take it next level? Time for an FYI CV Glow Up then Honey! If you have been meaning to update your CV — why don't you make this the ONE THING you have to do today? It's time to hit the ground running Honey, let's go:


  1. Are your social links looking a little busy on your CV? Use Link Tree to direct the user to your accounts but also projects too — see how in this FYI Hack
  2. You can also keep your contact details super-simple and just hyperlink the specific platform - do not add the full link. For example:

  3. In your Profile section, do not start every sentence with ‘I’. I know it's so easy to do, but you need to think about switching up your vocab for optimum reading-engagement
  4. Don't forget about using keywords and terms from the job description to blend into your CV! Think about it visually: does your CV match the job description? If yes, perfect. If no, get back to it!
  5. It's great to have a skills section on your CV but ensure the content of your CV actually proves the skill — as opposed to just listing them. There are two ways you can do this:

    1) Have a Skills section which explains your skills in one sentence. This is OFC space dependant, but this works great if your Experience section is looking a little sparse. You wouldn't be able to list as many as you would without the explanation, but 3-4 would be great! For example:

    At University I was the editor of our digital student magazine. Working with my peers, I oversaw the design and content of the magazine — this issue had 4K downloads and a following of 3K on Insta.

    2) Remove the Skills section altogether, but take note of all the skills they are looking for and ensure they are truly reflected in your content (Profile, Experience, Education sections). For extra clarity, you could also highlight the skill by making it bold.
  6. Can you give your CV a different design dimension? Check out the MU below. Watch how to do this in this FYI Hack

  7. If you are talking about a certain project or a piece of work in your CV — direct the employer to it with hyperlinks. For example, you could link to your website or the company's Instagram in your Experience section:

    APRIL 2020 – MAY 2020
    Created trend lead editorial layouts for the bi-annual fashion magazine. This role gave me huge experience in editorial design and an in-depth understanding of commercial magazine structure. See the designs here.

  8. Stats, facts and figures for the win Honey! It's great to disperse numbers throughout your CV for that extra oompf. These numbers should mainly relate to you and your achievements, but also to highlight the scale of something. For example:

    Whilst at [brand name], I helped grow their Instagram following from 12K to 15K.

    'My recent Final Collection won the 'One To Watch' i-d NextGen Competition — my collection won out of 600 entries.

    I assisted with the design of [brand name] online magazine, which has a readership of 75K and daily traffic of 5K.

    8. Let's showcase your Dissertation in a section on your CV! Dissertations say ALOT about you as a creative and showing it off often gets neglected. Having it as another section also helps if you feel your Experience section is looking a little sparse. Keep it simple, for example:

    [Year of completion]
    [Dissertation Title]
    [Dissertation Topic: a brief overview of 1-2 sentences, why you chose it as a topic etc.]

  9. If you are working on any Live Projects or side hustles that are related (such as a fashion blog or Etsy shop) add it as a new section - it's still experience! For example, when I was working in the fashion industry and simultaneously on FYI, I would have FYI on my CV under Live Projects. Why? Because it showed off my relevant skills and employability strengths.

    Again, if you are worried about not having enough content in your Experience section this is a really great way to show off your talents, skills and interests that don't fall into the Experience section. Don't forget to hyperlink to these said projects too!

    TOP TIP: If you are worried about not having 'enough' experience, sit down take stock of EVERYTHING you have done up until now that is relevant. For example, you may have worked on a fashion market stool, helped create a magazine, worked at a bar alongside University. THIS IS ALL STILL RELEVANT. We often don't feel like we have done 'anything', but you would be SO SURPRISED. Once you have had a think and made a list — try and flex it into your CV.

  10. Decide on a killer (and legible) font pairing for your CV to take it to the next level. Check out this FYI article for some killer font pairings and font downloads, and this FYI article for some more inspo!


Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!