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Wave Goodbye to WIX πŸ‘‹ 4 of the BEST Website Builders for Fashion Creatives

interns + grads Sep 03, 2021

Let's get this straight, Honey... as Creatives, you need a portfolio website - regardless of whether you're a fully-fledged freelancer or fresh-faced intern! Here's why:

βœ…  It plays a BIG part of your personal brand
YOU are a brand, so it's time to start acting like one! Having a website is a key asset and one that employers LOVE to see.

 βœ…  It showcases you, your work, and puts all your important deets in one place
Ideal for sending to brands, adding to your job applications, business cards, hyperlinking on your CV, and linking in your social bios...

βœ…  It gets you found by potential employers 
Employers use Google too Honeys and it can work in your favour! Nail your website, sprinkle with a bit of SEO sparkle and let the potential opportunities pour in!

βœ…  It's super professional
Any reputable brand has a website, which means you need one too. Brands love professionalism and nothing screams professional like a great website that showcases everything you can do!

βœ…  Do it for you
It's great to have a personal catalog of your work that you can add to and edit as you evolve. You owe it to yourself to keep a record of all the amazing things you've done - it's a bonus if it gets you seen!

So, why not WIX?

There are SO many website builders out there now - in all honestly, there is probably too much choice! If you are a student or Grad, we know your choice will be based on budget and how much spare cash you have - hence the reason why we see so many student/ grad portfolio sites built on WIX.

But there's one BIG reason why we don’t want you to create your website portfolio on WIX… and that reason is it simply doesn't do you justice. You can tell a WIX site from a mile off - it simply doesn’t have that ‘premium’ look which is what you ALL need to be aiming for. Why else? Glad you asked...

❌  It's so customisable that people do weird things graphically that don’t make sense for websites

❌  It doesn't have that ‘premium’ clean look & the fonts don’t look sharp - which makes a bigger difference than you think

❌  The free version has the nasty WIX banner branding - not only is it awful to look at, but it also detracts from your own branding & professionalism. If you are going to have a WIX site, please please please pay that little extra to remove it! This is not what we wantπŸ‘‡



We understand money is tight, but it’s so important to start investing in yourself and your personal brand. You tell yourself that you don’t have the cash, but I saw that £20 ASOS sweatshirt you just bought, Honey! It’s about understanding the return on investment (ROI in business-speak). Clear, well-designed professional site = more potential paid opportunities rolling in.

So, what website builder should you use?

1. Pixpa

This is for you if: You have a smaller budget
Skill Level: Basic
Pricing: Starting at £8 per month. For 10% off your first-year Pixpa subscription on all plans, please use this exclusive link.

We love this super-easy drag and drop builder! It’s a super affordable all-rounder with a premium aesthetic. We would say this is a more affordable Squarespace but with limitations design-wise.

 Example of site:



2. Squarespace

This is for you if: You want the best for your money
Skill Level: Basic - Advanced
Pricing: Starts at £13 per month (50% off student discount available)

If you want premium, Squarespace is the one for you. Squarespace is always the front runner when it comes to website builders and there is a reason why. Get started with one of their incredible templates and have a site up and running in no time.

Example of site:



3. Semplice

This is for you if: You have website building experience
Skill Level: Advanced
Pricing: Starts at £13 per month (50% off student discount available)

This builder is a little more advanced as you have to have a WordPress site set up first. Jasmine, the Founder of FYI, set up her own Freelance site on Semplice and loves it! It's the kind of website builder that high-end Graphic designers and Creative Directors use i.e. a great platform to aim for - their Showcase section is serious site inspiration.

Example of site:



4. Cargo Collective

Perfect for: Grads, Freelancers
This is for you if: You want a funky site
Skill Level: Basic - Intermediate
Pricing: Starts at £9.50 per month

If you want a funky, eyecatching, and trendy site — this builder is for you. Like other website builders, you can add a shop to your Cargo site making it perfect for side-hustling. Want your site for free? Cargo has a really cool initiative where you can request free access for your institution. All you have to do is get your tutor to put in an application for you! So why not spread the word?! Details here.

Example of site:


We hope that helps! Whatever builder you go for, keep it simple, add your personal branding showcase your best work and disperse to industry. Good luck Honey. Team FYI πŸ’–


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