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Tell Your Besties — and Get a Fiver 💖

Do you and your friends want free stuff from the FYI Shop?! Well, you can with FYI's new TELL YOUR BESTIES plan. Refer your friends and BOTH get £5 credit for ALL FYI Shop products — even reviews and coaching calls!

I LOVE that you all have your pals in here so let's keep things exciting (I may even switch rewards up every so often) — so keep spreading the word, Honey! All aboard the FYI Train...


⁣⁣⁣1. Tell your besties, friends and Uni pals about the FYI Membership

2. If they sign up to the FYI Membership and mention your name at checkout — you will get £5 FYI Shop credit for each friend that signs up! 

3. Once your referral has signed up they will also receive £5 credit! #WinnerWinner

TOP TIP: Screenshot this email and send to your friends and WhatsApp groups!

Go on, treat your friends and besties! 

Did this help Honey?

If not, just post your question in the FACEBOOK GROUP and we will answer it within 24 hours. Better yet — you may even get other members responding with their prime knowledge!


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