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Posted on Apr 28, 2020


I sat down with Journalism student, Ellie, to get the lowdown on her personal Success Story. P.S - it's incredible! Ellie shares how her vibrant career journey started by simply reaching out to one person, which lead her to her dream internship at Stylist. For Ellie, it was a case of 'no internship vacancy, no problem' and she took the matter into her own hands. Pull up comfy seat Honey, you are about to learn soooo much!



  • You want to know how to break into the industry
  • You want to know how to ask for an internship and get the employers attention
  • You aren't getting any replies to internships and need to take a different tact



  • How she went from 2 months of NO replies to a reply in 30 mins!
  • How to 'cold-email' brands and make an impact
  • How to get an employers attention with an email
  • How to use LinkedIn as a starting point for infiltrating the industry (#GoldenTicket)
  • How Ellie crafted the perfect subject line to grab the employers attention (that actually works)
  • How to display work within the sector of fashion journalism
  • Tips on approaching that one person in the workplace you would like to talk to before you leave!
  • The repercussions of 'reply all' as an intern + Jasmine's email disaster at Harpers Bazaar!
  • Ellie shares her #1 piece of advice for interns

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