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Sabrina: From Endless Rejections to Landing the DREAM Job

success stories Jan 11, 2022

Go Sabrina, go!! πŸ™Œ Sabrina has been an FYI fan for a while now, and it's paying off — from attending our live workshops to bagging herself one of our CV templates, she has landed a role at one of her dream brands! So let's hear how she did it and how you can too...

"I just want to say thank you so much!!! I got a job in my dream industry with one of my favourite companies! Your cv and cover letter workshops, template, and advice helped me sooo much and I wanna say a huge thank you xx" 

1. Before getting your dream role, what were you up to?

I graduated in July 2020 where I did a degree in Music Performance and Production - between studying and finally landing my dream role, I was applying to loads of jobs in a range of industries, but I always had a keen eye on my dream industry - Music. I was working part-time in the retail job I had throughout sixth form and uni, as well as doing a remote, unpaid, part-time internship which I started in March 2020 for a Social Media Marketing company until I finally landed my dream role as a Podcast Team Leader!

2. Had you had any previous work experience? If so, what?

During my final year at uni, I focused my independent project around the music industry as I knew this was what I wanted to go into post-uni. I knew it would be a great thing to show industry when I was trying to get experience so made sure to focus on the parts of the industry that intrigued me the most. It was challenging, but I honestly learned so much and I'm so glad I did it!

In terms of work experience, I had a part-time retail job which taught me SO much and gave me a load of transferable skills! I had also gained experience in a previous internship at a Social Media Marketing Company but landing the role of Podcast Team Leader was a total dream. It was so great to be a part of a company and gaining amazing experiences in an industry I truly loved. I was contacting guests, rejigging the entire podcast, liaising with different departments, and coordinating different areas of my team - it was a seriously amazing work experience.

3. Before securing your role, what was your job hunting experience? Did you have any bumps along the road? What did you struggle with when applying?

Yeah, I definitely had quite a lot of bumps along the road, I applied to many jobs that I thought I was perfect for and then didn't get an interview or was unsuccessful. Before I secured my dream role, it was lots of applying, and lots of rejections, with some interviews along the way.

I initially struggled with making myself stand out enough so the employer gave me a chance to talk, especially in such a competitive industry. I also initially struggled with getting my passion, personality, and personal brand into a CV and a cover letter! Plus, it's a real struggle getting skills and experience onto a CV when you didn't necessarily gain them at a specific job. I didn't have any industry or 'real world' experience when I was first applying (apart from my part-time role), which wasn't from my university work.

BUT I took all of the feedback on board from unsuccessful job interviews so I could learn and grow and finally land my dream role! 

4. How did FYI help you get the role?

FYI seriously transformed my CV & Cover Letter! All of the workshops, the CV templates, and the guides helped me to put my personality onto my CV and write my cover letter! Honestly, FYI helped with every single aspect of my CV, from the design to the words that you choose to use, to how you display your experience and express your personal brand.

6. What is your top advice for anyone struggling/stressing about getting a role?

  • Keep applying, keep listening and keep learning - it will come! Always ask for feedback, and listen to it, especially if it's from a dream company, and don't be afraid to stay in touch and apply again. Show them that you've listened and you've taken what they've said on board.
  • Try to get as much experience as you can, even if it isn't in your dream industry! If you're at uni, try and join as many societies as you can in as many areas as you want to try and gain experience, and if you're not, look for any experience you can get, it really helps!
  • Just because you haven't gotten the experience from a paid job, doesn't mean it isn't experience. If you help your family out at the weekend with something, that's still experience and you've still gained skills from that!
  • Always try to gain more experience and learn more, even if it isn't necessarily official. It's sooo much better than nothing at all and it shows you are determined, self-motivated, resourceful and committed. (Remember that Billie Eilish and Finneas wrote When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go in their bedrooms and look at where she is now)!
  • If you get an interview, try to show your passion and what you know as best as you can! Be specific too - that's so important. Show what you know, don't tell! There are so many online events you can attend where you can learn something, gain some experience, some knowledge, or that might even trigger a thought, so deffo keep an eye out for events you might be interested in and take as many notes as you can.
  • Also, always be true to yourself and keep networking!

7. Any application tips?

If you're applying for any job in the creative industry, I think a creative, colourful CV is sooo important! Have a look at someone who is in the job that you want, do they have any skills that you don't have? How can you gain those skills? Can they use certain programs that you can't use? Can you gain skills in those programs yourself?

Do you have skills that you haven't put on your CV because it's not from 'real' work experience? Doesn't matter, find a way to get it on there! Get creative and think outside the box! I would say you don't always have to wait to be given an opportunity to get experience. There is so much you can do yourself these days, and that shows so much determination and self-motivation. Be true to yourself, always. Keep checking, and keep applying.

Also, don't just check on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, check the companies website too, connect with people on LinkedIn. Network, network, network! Definitely have a look at the language you're using on your CV, and the design. Does it say YOU? Does it represent your personal brand well?

8. What are the main differences/transformations you can see with your approach to applying, CV, and Cover Letter with FYI's help?

The design of my CV is now so much more colourful, and represents my personality so much more! The language that I use on my CV and cover letter now is so much more expressive and punchy than before, and my about section is so much better. It now really encapsulates almost every part of me, and really packs a punch.

Also, the FYI Linktree hack is such a good idea on your CV for all the key links that they would need for you! I think everything just stands out better and is more memorable, and more me. 

Top tip: Jasmine's workshops are an actual godsend, if you haven't been to one, do you know how much you're missing out on?! (FYI: new ones coming soon! All tickets will be sold in the FYI Shop and announced to the FYI mailing list)

9. Finally, what does the future hold for you?

I'd really love to keep progressing in the company that I'm in and the industry that I'm in, and to always keep learning, growing, and improving! I'm really looking forward to building my career in my dream industry.

πŸŽ‰ Thank you so much for sharing your story and your sick advice Sabrina! If you wanna connect with Sabrina (ask her any Qs or hire her hehe), here's her LinkedIn and Website πŸŽ‰


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