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What stands out in an Intern or Employee? With the Founder of Lone Design Club.



In this episode, I sit down with the truly motivating Rebecca Morter, founder of Lone Design Club. LDC helps more than 200 designers connect with consumers who are passionate about sustainable fashion via its online marketplace and pop-up locations.

LDC hires many interns per year so Rebeccas has seen 1000's of applications. Basically Honey, she knows her stuff! Oh BTW, Rebecca is on the Forbes '30 under 30' list for Retail + E-commerce. Yasssss gal!



  • You want to know how to REALLY stand out in the eyes of an employer
  • You want tips on how to put yourself in the best employable position, post-COVID



  • What stands out in an interns application 
  • What stands out in a graduate application
  • What you can do in the workplace to make waves
  • The one thing Rebecca looks for in an application (internships and jobs)
  • What to do if you are stressing about the impact of COVID on opportunities
  • Tips on finding opportunities after COVID



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