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PSA: Everything I Learnt About Finding My Own Opportunities in Lockdown

In today’s social climate, sourcing your own opportunities is vital for standing out amidst the sea of self-made creatives. The entrepreneurial vibes have become particularly real during the lockdown and upon seeing the amazing work of these creatives, an uneasy mix of vicarious pride and jealousy swells in my stomach.

Last week, I read something from one of my favourite MUA’s Eszter Magyar (@makeupbrutalism) which made me realise with painful certainty, the reason for my emotional cocktail. In a retort to disapproving followers, Magyar adorned one of her infamous eye looks with the words, 'You could have done this but you didn’t'.

While lockdown has provided a plethora of obstacles for the students and grads keen to kick-start their careers in 2020, it has also allowed us (by way of bleak alternative) the chance to learn how to source our own opportunities.

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others or sipping on an icy glass of bitterness, take matters into your own hands.

Here are 5 things I learnt about finding my own opportunities during lockdown…



Time spent on your personal branding is never wasted! In terms of design, it’s so important to pick what you like and the style which you want to represent – there’s no point choosing a style your mum loves because that’s who you’ll end up working for. Pick something that your ideal employer would love!



Gone are the days of messaging someone for a cheeky shout out on the gram – nowadays, people only share things they think are great (besides your bestie). FYI: #SFS = Shoutout for Shoutout.

Option 1: Create some great, branded content on your grid and hope someone recognises your genius and shares it.

Option 2: Engage with your follower’s content and share some of their posts – IG etiquette would assume they do the same back!

Option 3: Host a ‘share this post to win…’ competition – people become very active when you offer a prize!



We all perform differently under pressure. For me, that half decaf, half espresso sweet spot is exactly what I need to keep me motivated. I make flexible daily lists that help me prioritise tasks and identify which ones can be shifted to the next day – this normally results in a busy Friday but it’s what works for me!



Strangely, this has always been my approach to work, even when I got my first internship (watch the full story here). Seeking out your own opportunities could be as simple as asking if any exist. Sliding into their DMs on your professional IG is a great way to at least get your grid seen and at most get a potential job opportunity!


  1. HUSTLE! 

Sometimes, the reality is, you’ve just got to crack on. I’m still in the process of taking my own advice but one of my favourite things to do of an afternoon is to brain dump a bunch of misshapen half-thoughts onto a blank page – sometimes it sparks an afternoon of creativity, sometimes it stays there until next time, either way, it’s all part of the hustle.

By Ellie Howkins
FYI Features Writer

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