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Posted on Dec 09, 2020

Honey, this really is epic! I have been waiting to share this Content Creation *secret* with you. Yes, you heard it right Plan 1 Year Worth of Content — in 1 Hour. This workshop will shop you how you can do the above, in 4 simple steps. Grab paper, pens and start brainstorming. This is how I plan and manage content for the business and it really is a formula that you will use for life. If you are anything like me and have 10000000 ideas, this will help you structure your content in a pragmatic and seriously effective way.

I mentioned in the workshop that I would share a Trello Board with you — but in order to do that, I have to pay the premium... I love you guys but not that much! So. You will have to create it yourself — IT'S SUPER EASY.

On your Trello board, create 4 lists:

  1. Jasmine's Tips (see below)

  2. Content Bucket 1
  3. Content Bucket 2
  4. Content Bucket 3
  5. Content Bucket 4
  6. "My wins"

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!