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October Industry Q+A: Elsie & Fred


Come chat to one of the founders of the iconic fam-owner boutique brand, Elsie & Fred. The 3 siblings have built a killer BRAND from the ground up. Wanna know how? In this live Q+A we dish the dirt!

  1. The Elsie & Fred brand story and how they get started — from idea to launch
  2. E&F has such a strong and distinct brand identity — so how did they create and maintain it?
  3. What a day in the studio looks like...
  4. From the idea of a new product through to production and marketing — what goes down
  5. If an intern or employee was to apply for a role at E&F, what stands out in their application and persona
  6. Ryans advice for anyone wanting to start their own fashion brand or business after Uni
  7. Ryans advice for students and Grads in these COVID current times (employment is low, internships are being cancelled...) — what he would be doing to work his way into the fashion industry

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