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Posted on Jan 12, 2021

FYI is here to make your life that little bit easier by helping you land your dream internship or job. So, what better way to help you get there than our tried and tested job-hunting hacks. You have the talent — we are just gonna help you get there faster and in the most professional way possible.


  1. Check Glassdoor or RateMyPlacement for reviews before committing
    Doing a bit of extra research could give you more insight on what to expect from the role, the company culture or your own opportunities for growth with them. 

  2. Follow people on IG who are employed by your dream company
    A lot of people are starting to use Instagram to advertise paid opportunities/ vacancies. Check out this post on how to create the perf work Insta before sliding into their DMs.

  3. Don't be afraid to reach out to your immediate network 
    Friends, parents, friends of parents etc. Make sure everyone you know knows that you're looking for work.

    TOP TIP: Create a beautiful email with the help of our fave FloDesk (Mailchimps cooler sister). Tell your email contacts you are free for work and showcase what you can do. We have written more about this game-changer in this FB post here. You can also get 50% off with this link here.

  4. Sometimes even employers/ brands don't realise they need you until they've seen what you can do 
    So, how do you show them? Create something great whether that be a killer creative CV or a self-set project based on their brand and make sure it gets seen. Send it to relevant people within the company, tag them in it on socials, DM them. It's become increasingly common to see companies creating roles specifically for people whom they think can offer them something NEW!

  5. Schedule your Gmail emails
    Use Gmail's scheduling feature so you never forget to follow up! This is also perfect if you are drafting your emails late at night or on weekends — schedule it for 9.00 am the next morn #professional! (see video)

  6. Use Trello to create your brand hit list and log your applications
    Keep all your applications, emails and follow-ups in one place. The key to this application game? Diligence, relentless action and follow-ups. You can also use a spreadsheet like in this FYI article here(see video)

    TOP TOP: Following up is KEY so you seriously have to stay on top of it. Use Trello and set up reminders on your app of choice; Gmail emailing scheduling (see hack #5), Gmail Calendar, iCal, iPhone alarms — We love adding them to Alexa so you get both a push notification and a verbal one!

  7. Add a signature to your email
    What stands out to an employer? Professionalism and attention to detail. As we always say, you have to think like a brand. What do brands have? Signatures. Add one to your Gmail with your name, title, social links, portfolio, availability etc. Wanna go one step further? Do the below hack... (see video)

  8. Set up Calendly for employers to book Zoom calls with you in one easy step
    Use Calendly and impress industry professionals or potential employers by making it super easy to hop on a Zoom call with you so you can get to know each other (#networking) or to discuss a certain project or position etc. Either send industry the link — or add it to your signature. Check out this video for more deets. (see video)

  9. Ensure your branding flows through everything
    Add your branding to your Gmail icon, Gmail address, Zoom icon, WhatsApp pic  — everything an employer might see i.e. 'touchpoints'. Branding success = consistency! (see video)

  10. Use email checker, Varifalia, to check contacts
    Sometimes you can guess email addresses for potential employers. For example, if you have an email for someone at Elle Magazine which is '[email protected]' and you want to contact someone who is called 'Sam Fox' their email will likely be '[email protected]'. But it's always good to check before you send — use Varifalia!

  11. Use Weava to highlight words to add to your CV and Cover Letter
    We know we bang on about reflecting the job desc. in your application but it is KEY — this free Chrome Extension will help you to extract these words seamlessly. We did a Reel all about it here.

    TOP TIP: A job desc. might say they are looking for someone who has a keen interest in 'Beauty and Fashion within a multi-culture context'. Don't just copy & paste — you need to be able to prove it, give an example and back it up with facts.

  12. Got a Zoom interview? Add your notes to the side!
    Add your notes to the side of your screen to keep you on track in the interview (we love Stickies or Notes)! Note down any points you want to discuss or things you want to remember - They will probably ask you about any experience you mentioned on your CV, so jot down 3 bullet points about what you did at each role to avoid a mind blank! 

  13. Filter down your portfolio to keep the employer engaged
    Keep your portfolio small — both in file size and number of pages. Have no more than 25 pages and host the rest of your work on your website. Add a back page that simply says: 'To see more, please check out my online portfolio here'.

  14. Use hyperlinks in your email, cover letter and CV
    We love a hyperlink at FYI!! Use them in your assets to point towards a specific project, brand, blog article etc. Always remember to add the hyperlink to the word and not paste the full link in the body of the email! (see video)

  15. Set up Google Alerts
    Stay on top of your game and set up Google Alerts so you can monitor the Web for interesting news or content. Set up alerts for your dream brand and role, for example: "ASOS Internship"  and you will get an alert when something relevant gets posted. Google Alerts are also great for you to stay on top of your 'brand hit-list' so you always know what they are up to — prime intel for interviews or reaching out.

  16. Utilise LinkedIn Groups for new ops or networking
    Join LinkedIn Groups and get your network groove on! You can browse the wide array of LinkedIn Groups here or simply search for what you're after. 

  17. Stay active and consistent on LinkedIn with Buffer
    The key with LinkedIn is to be consistent and stay at the top of peoples' feeds. You could build this into your daily routine but sometimes life just happens and you forget! Download social media scheduling tool Buffer, create a backlog of content in one sitting and schedule daily posts. Buffer is free for one social account, so get scheduling! (see video)


Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!