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Jasmine's Secret Vault For Fonts

Finding the perfect font feels SO good but when you can't find 'the one'  it's frustrating and time-consuming because you just know the right one is out there somewhere! So ... I am gonna help you, just call me the font-matchmaker. Say goodbye to your basic Honeys (Dafont) and helloooooo to your new Honey: Behance.

This is where us professional folk head to find our fonts. Just search 'Free Font' and you will be presented with SO many potentials. You can also just search 'Fonts' but obvs a lot of paid ones will show — but always good for inspo. Another great thing about Behance fonts is that you can see the font in action which is serious inspo for design.

Here are my fave 3:

1. Monument Extended 


2. Funkturm

3. Luam

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If not, just post your question in the FACEBOOK GROUP and we will answer it within 24 hours. Better yet — you may even get other members responding with their prime knowledge!


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