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Jasmine's #1 Hack for Writing your CV + Cover Letter


As a creative, writing your CV and Cover Letter may seem like a hard mountain to climb. Using powerful language and industry terminology is the key to a great application. Your overall aim with your assets is to create an engaging read for an employer. We need to make you shine and not bore them to death! So how?!

The answer is right under your nose... the Job Description! I know it sounds pretty basic, but believe me, it’s your BFF. Scan through the job description and pick out key industry words and terms to blend into your assets. Start with: 



In your CV and CL avoid descriptive words such as ‘passionate’ and ‘creative’. These aren’t exciting enough. There are so many other words to describe yourself as a Creative! So change those basic words and swap them with key industry terminology or ‘buzzwords’.

How? From the Job Description. In an ASOS Job Description below I have highlighted in yellow exciting keywords/terms such as; entrepreneurial attitude, youth culture, fuelling, use initiative and individuality.

These words are there to INSPIRE your sentences. For example:

‘To fuel my creativity, I continuously keep up with trends daily. Using my initiative I strive to create projects and concepts with my personal and distinct individuality'.



In black and white it tells you exactly what they are looking for, so tell them this yourself! Highlight the key attributes they are looking for and blend them into your CV. Obvs, only if you obtain them. For example: in the ASOS Job Description it says they need: 

‘Someone who is able to communicate clearly and effectively to all levels’.

So try blending these words into your CV, but in your own way. For example:

‘Creatively and professionally, I can effectively communicate at all levels’


‘Having completed varied industry experience at……., I am able to communicate clearly and effectively to all levels’.



If you have a skills section on your CV (which is great) try not to list generic and boring skills such as ‘Microsoft Word’. If they state they need someone with skills in ‘Microsoft Excel’, then add it - just alongside some fun skills. Add key skills you know they are looking for - extracted from the Job Description. List 5-8 skills on your CV.

In the above ASOS Job Description, it says they need someone who: ’has an eye for the latest trends’ so list a skill such as ‘Trend Forecasting’ in your CV and CL.


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