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Posted on May 10, 2020


With the rise of EVERYTHING going online, that now means interviews too! If you have bagged yourself an interview — firstly, CONGRATULATIONS. Secondly, follows these 6 steps to help you SMASH your online interview.



Fully get to grips with Zoom before your interview, so it's as seamless as possible! Download the app to your phone or laptop and do a "test meeting" with someone so you can get used the setup.


Add your profile photo or logo to Zoom for professional personalisation. Also, make sure your name is on there and uses capitals! It's my absolute bugbear when it just displays something other than your capitalized name. Do this via Settings > Profile. You can also add your job title, location etc. in there too!



Make sure your WIFI is good, you are in a quiet room with no interruptions, phone off, WhatsApp is not in your browser if using your laptop, you have water, your room isn't messy etc.

TOP TIP: It's obvs great to keep hydrated but always having a glass of water next to you is great for those times when you need a little time to think ... just take a sip!


As you probs already know, researching the brand thoroughly is crucial. Take a look at their website, socials, their work, what they offer, their USPs, their values etc. Go full spy mode!!! Then pick out what ALIGNS to you. What do you LOVE of theirs? What sparks a fire inside of you? Brands love to hear this. Showing that you have invested time into them will win you big points!

For example: 'I LOVED the most recent issue of ELLE that you designed, especially the mixed media collage style spread. The scanned in fabric samples is genius! You continue to create new ways of telling a story visually; something that I strive to do also'. Research the person conducting the interview - check out their Linkedin, their vibe, their position and duties for the brand. 



Always think for a few seconds before answering the questions! Don't fill the silence with waffle. If you don't know the answer to the question just be open, let them know and say something like 'would it be okay if I had a bit more time to think about that?' and tell them at the end.


Try not to feel too nervous! Nerves are good because it means you care and they will always make you strive to do your best. But keep it controlled and ALWAYS remember you have this interview for a reason, they can see your talent and your potential. Also, remember that this is a 50/50 chat and you need to get to know them just as much as they need to get to know you! So think of it as if you're just having a chat with your mate.

TOP TIP: Make sure you arm yourself with questions for them too! 


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