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How To Be Happy and Prepare for your Future in a Lockdown, with Poppy


In this special episode, Jasmine sits down with recent Fashion Comms Grad, Poppy. Poppy finished her Uni work and Graduated in the midst of Lockdown #1 — so let's find out how she handled it. From how she looked after her mental health through to how she put herself out there once graduated. Poppy has really made her mark in the Freelance world and is currently back-to-back with work PAID work. All of this happened in Lockdown and we wanna share with you how you can also achieve amazing things — whilst facing a global pandemic.

  • Some friendly motivation on how to handle Uni and Grad life in Lockdown
  • To know how to stay motivated with your Uni work and how to make home work for you
  • To know how you can put yourself out there and digitally network
  • To know how one role snowballed into multiple clients and a very healthy Freelance career!




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