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6 Ways to Keep Your Remote Employee Engaged Post-Covid!

employers + brands Jan 04, 2022

Okay, so it doesn't take a genius to work out how much the working world has changed post-Covid. Over the past year #WFH has been regularly trending across every social platform, but it's not just permanent employees who have been affected by the change - at FYI we have seen a huge influx of remote intern roles roll in and we are LOVING it.

Accessibility, equality, and payment are three BIG things we stand for at FYI and remote roles are perfect for opening up new experiences to more than just our London-based Creatives. Once upon a time, Hannah from Cornwall would have to have some serious financial backing to maintain a role in London. But now, opening up the field for remote roles means that candidates are not reliant on financials to relocate. Wooo πŸ™Œ

If you are a brand that is hiring for a remote role via FYI — we want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you!

We're clearly big fans of remote work but we know it can also present its own set of challenges... So, whether you are a new manager or you seriously know your way around the onboarding process — we wanna share with you how to keep your remote intern or employee engaged whilst WFH.

When hiring remotely for a more junior position, keep in mind that this may be their first professional role so they may need a little more love than someone with more experience... and this is something that could work in your favour! Teach them new habits that work for your band and let them grow for and with you. Nurture them now and watch them flourish into a potential perm employee.

So, how do you keep your new remote employee engaged? Here are 6 FYI ways:

  1. Communication ☎️
    The specifics are completely down to you and your team but daily check-ins are vital. This could be via Zoom, Slack, phone call, or email and can be at a designated time of the day (avoid WhatsApp where possible). Keeping them updated with everything going on is really key too for their overall understanding of the business and how things run - it's up to you whether you'd rather keep it on a need-to-know with relevant updates for them.

  2. BTS Biz Insight πŸ‘€
    Get the most out of your new employee by allowing them to work to their strengths. Give your remote employee BTS (Behind The Scenes) insight into multiple areas of the business and see what they are naturally interested in. If you can give your remote employees tasks in the areas they really love, it will only lead to great things!

  3. Welcome Packs πŸ’Œ
    This might seem like an unnecessary step, but a Welcome Pack can really make them feel like part of the team and get them excited for their journey with you! Who doesn't love a little something in the post... Think notebooks, stationery, snacks, tea, something branded, a relevant magazine.

  4. Creative Side Project ✏️
    There will always be times when you will be reading, approving, or providing feedback for your newest employee, so instead of letting them twiddle their thumbs while they wait, set them a creative project they can work on to fill the gaps. Make sure the project is in an area they're interested in and one that will broaden their industry knowledge in your sector.

  5. Keep It Social πŸ₯‚
    On a Thursday or a (Fizz) Friday, schedule in time for a casual friendly team chat. Briefly go over the week, what they loved doing, what not so much — but also take this time to discuss life in general and their recommendations! We love to talk about what books, shows, films, recipes, industry news, and stuff we have loved that week.

  6. Set a Challenge 🌲
    This is obviously super specific to your brand, role, and industry but think about setting a challenge to keep your employees engaged and encourage team interaction. You could set a challenge such as getting the most engagement with Insta post — or we love Forest App. Ask your team to download the app and the more focused time they accrue, the more virtual trees they grow. Whoever has the most flourished forest at the end of the week/month/quarter wins X. It keeps your employees focused, encourages productivity AND the Forst App work with Trees For The Future to plant trees around the world!

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