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May Live Q+A with Ben Park: 'How to Get Hired Coming out of COVID'



Recorded Live Q+A with Ben Park on: 'How to Get Hired Coming out of COVID'. Ben is an absolute powerhouse! He is CEO of his own fashion consultancy BWL Consultancy and can list brands such as Burberry, Prada, Vogue and Alexander McQueen on his CV.

We talk all things getting opportunities post-COVID, how to infiltrate the industry, the best portfolios to send to employers and SO MUCH MORE. 

  • You are feeling worried or anxious about the future of opportunities
  • You want to know how to stand out to the BIG brands
  • You want to know how best to network digitally
  • You want to know how to get experience with no experience
  • You don't know how to bounce back after rejections or successful interviews

    ... plus so much more!

Ben also hosts an AMAZING fashion podcast called 'This Week In Fashion' which gives insight into the fashion news of the week and include some incredible special guests. Listen on Spotify or iTunes here. 

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