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How to Get your Fashionable Foot in the Door with No Experience

This is probably the #1 question that comes up week by week: 'How do I get my foot in the door with no experience?'. So Honey, check out these pointers that will help you to worm your way in no time!


It goes without saying: the more you know about a brand, the better. So create your Ultimate Brand Hit List and follow the relevant people on LinkedIn, Twitter and Insta — so you can always stay up to date with what they're working on. When they post a role or you want to reach out to them organically — you are armed with amazing intel that will WOW them. Mentioning you loved a recent campaign they created or that you love their collaboration with X, will impress any employer, giving you that extra edge over other candidates.

TOP TIP: Set up Google Alerts! Create alerts for the brands you would love to work for and other fashion buzzwords to gain up-to-date industry intel and opportunities. For example, 'Sustainable fashion', 'Fashion Social Media Campaigns', 'TikTok news'. This with the above intel will ensure your knowledge-pot is full and ready for you to show off what you know!


Okay, I'm not telling you to take on a role that you don't fully love, but consider just getting your foot in the door to a company or brand that you would love to work for — even if it isn't THE role. Just getting in there so you can introduce yourself to the right people is a great start. You may see a 2-week work experience position, a shadowing opportunity or even a temp-receptionist role. Let's say your dream is to work in the Buying department at ASOS, if you are already part of the company — you can go and talk to the team and see if you can possibly join them or gain a better understand what it takes.

Celeb Stylist, Alexis Knox, had some amazing advice about this in the July Live. She took on ANY work she could to help get her dream Creative Director role. She set her sights on Notion magazine and she cleaned the toilets, helped any way she could and interned in an admin role and guess what ... SHE BLOODY DID IT!!! She became the Creative Director and achieved amazing things. I highly recommend you watch the Live as it's full of such amazing advice.


Extracurricular activities like short courses are a great way to impress a potential employer if you don't have much experience or relevant degree. There are so many resources online, but check out Udemy. Be completely transparent and mention in your CV/Cover Letter/Email that you have completed a relevant course — no you don't have direct 'relevant' experience, but you are really serious about progressing in this field. If you can show you have DRIVE and self-initiated commitment this is super-attractive to an employer. Even if you don't complete something like an online course, being completely transparent about WHY you want to go into this field or what it means to you, is super important. Employers are people too and they understand we all have to start somewhere. Show genuine sincerity, passion, drive and industry and brand knowledge.


Another great tip from Alexis's Live was how much she grafted for other people and brands — even though it wasn't the direct route of styling she wanted to go into. She wanted to be a Celeb Stylist but was offered styling experience for commercial shoots like Cillit Bang (hello Barry Scott). She said yes, absolutely loved it and this experience got her closer and closer to her dream role. What's more, is that these newly acquired 'commercial' styling skills helped shape her styling craft even more. Trying out new roles and exploring different sectors gives you even more new skills! 


I know it's tricky to network in current times, but things are getting better each week that passes! As you know, networking in fashion is key for getting opportunities. I would say 85% of the fashion industry is built this way. I got my first internship with a fashion photographer because he was a friend of my sisters and my career just snowballed from that one role. Although we can't go to events like we used to, think about how you can 'Digitally Network'. Think LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, reaching out to your address book, asking your tutors if they can intro you to people, asking family and friends etc...

Did this help Honey?

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