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FYI Quickie Q+A: 'How To Price your Work' with Steph


It's Money Mindset month and we've got an FYI Quickie that will transform your understanding of pricing your services. 

Are you freelance and not sure how much to charge? Don't know where to start with your hourly rate? Considering going freelance and would love to know the pricing fundamentals? We've got your back. We were joined by ultimate business babe Steph for a money-minded quickie Q&A. 

Learn now and keep forever... Steph is the owner of the Business Consultancy; Innovate and Thrive - they focus on helping creative businesses with the financial side of thangs! She's the bomb and helped me with FYI in the early days...

  • How to structure an hourly rate
  • How to structure a day rate
  • How to breakdown pricing a project — such as a logo, design or project
  • Where to start with self-employment
  • Tax! The key things to remember and where to start
  • How to negotiate a price (for example if a client comes back saying it’s too high etc)

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