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Posted on Jan 19, 2021

At FYI we’re all about helping you be productive and make the most out of your precious time honey – but we’re not talking to-do lists, no we’ve got something far more exciting up our sleeves.

With the help of our FYI Features Writer, Ellie, we’ll be showing you our top technical hacks to help you level up your life and smash the job application game! Check out our Geek Chic Hacks below or watch the vid for these tips & tricks in action.


  1. Stay secure - add passwords to your Apple Notes to keep any confidential info safe and consider password-protecting some of your docs on your laptop!

  2. Test it out! Want to post to Insta but not sure what it'll look like? Create a dummy IG to test all your content - from resolution to carousels and caption line breaks, this is ideal for perfecting your grid!

  3. Avoid the IG caption typos by writing them out in your Notes before posting! You can double-check for any errors and it's easier to see what it'll look like on Notes rather than on the tiny little box IG gives you!

  4. Running out of space on your laptop? Dropbox is for you! Use Dropbox Smart Sync to free up space so you can keep creating!

  5. Want to make your content FIRE? Get planning honey! Great content starts with a great content plan and where better to do it than Trello - you can plan your ideas on cards and assign them a date so you can view in a calendar mode - et voila, a content calendar! 

  1. Use those keywords! Make use of IG's new SEO search function to find new opportunities. Keywords like 'Fashion Internship' or 'Fashion Buyer' could bring up some insightful posts for potential opps or even industry knowledge.
  2. Get the receipts! Did you know you can get the blue ticks on emails too? This is perfect for when you want to see if a potential employer has opened your email and when you should be following up. Check out this Email Tracker.

  3. Make it a habit! Habit trackers like Done or Google Goals are the perfect thing for staying on the ball. Set daily reminders for things like 'check Industry news' or 'Follow up emails' and you'll be onto a winner!

  4. Splice it up honey - if you're creating video content to send to an employer or for your IG, Splice is such a great app for (you guessed it) splicing clips together into one longer vid! Top tip: add a voiceover to your portfolio walk-through vid!

  5. Make your grid shine! The Preview app is perfect for planning content so you can see exactly what your IG will look like to others - ideal if you want to plan ahead or start a themed grid using your personal brand colours. You can even add captions to each planned post so it's all in one place!

  6. Content creation made easy - get on Over! This app has so many free templates with really quirky, contemporary designs. It's great for those who aren't into Adobe programmes or refuse to venture into Canva territory! 
  1. Want to show off your folio in a unique eye-catching way? Google Slides lets you use moving images or GIFs in your deck so you can transform your PDF into something that really showcases your work! Here's a great example!

  2. Get international and GROW your skills section! Ever wanted to attend an internship in another country without the worry of a language barrier? Well, here's your chance - the Babel app is perfect for anyone wanting to upskill and learn a new language! 

  3. Struggling to stay focused? Or just can't resist pulling up that Netflix tab? We've got you. With the StayFocusd Chrome extension, you can choose to block certain websites during a specific time period - perfect for those morning power hours!

  4. Want to get really techy? Check out InVision - an app prototype building platform (fun fact: the very one Jasmine used to craft her FMP app!)

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!