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Final Hand-in Done ✅ – WTF Now?


With a minimum of three years in the making, completing your degree is by far one of the most momentous occasions of your life – and so it should be! Celebrating your final hand-in is an absolute must for any soon-to-be graduate, first year, or second year.

But as the (homebound) festivities eventually come to an end, the reality of post-uni life can start to dawn on us, often bringing with it the pressure to immediately move onto the next step. After nearly two decades in the education system, figuring out your career trajectory can often be an overwhelming thought process, so we’re here to break it down for you in a step by step of what to do after you finish your degree or hand-in!



It can be tempting to jump straight into your next project while you’re still riding high on hand-in cortisol but taking a break from work is a great way to rest up and make sure when you enter the big wide world, you take it by storm.

Ellie’s Tip: My final year was filled with a constant flow of ‘I can’t wait to do that after hand in’ – now is your time to do it! It might be as simple as just watching Netflix without feeling guilty but I promise you that red logo will never have looked so good!

Jasmine’s Tip: Do all the things you wished you could have done when you were crazy busy! Go visit your bestie (COVID compliant obvs), sell that pile of clothes on Depop or just chill the F out and read THAT book that has been sitting on your bookshelf collecting dust. Do these things now before you plough into fulltime work or interning so you feel rejuvenated and ready for the next stage of your life ... 


Give your ASOS account a break and head over to LinkedIn. Browsing job descriptions is a great, no-pressure way of gaining an understanding of what roles are out there and what their daily responsibilities are. It’s important to remember that role responsibilities can differ hugely despite having the same title so it’s worth exploring further afield and thinking about what interests you and how to develop your skillset to match – better than new garms any day!

Jasmine’s Tip: Fabbbb tip Ellie! Whatever your specialism is, have a browse of the job descriptions for ALL the levels of the role from intern to senior. The more you understand the better. Hop on to LinkedIn and start connecting with the employees that fall into those levels at your fave brands. Ellie had some INSANE traction with a brand by reaching out on LinkedIn. Check out the video here.



In the months after you finish your degree, you’ll find that everyone goes in different directions, whether it be moving home, moving out, or that one person who starts moving mad and gets their dream job straight away. We live in a society rife in comparison culture so it’s normal to feel like you’re not doing enough but learning to trust in your own journey will help you gain confidence in your convictions and celebrate your own victories.

Ellie’s Tip: I always congratulate people who are doing great things, swallowing my (mild) envy and lifting someone else up helps me to move away from comparisons and start celebrating individual achievements – including my own! 

Jasmine’s Tip: Always remember that you are on YOUR own path! Yes your Uni-bestie may have just bagged their dream role and you are still looking but great things will happen for you when they are meant to! Some may quickly jump into a role that doesn't suit them, whereas you could be holding out to find the perfect one. Get your ducks in a row by prepping your assets and targeting brands. Trust the process, Honey! 



Getting stuck into a passion project prior to the inevitable job hunt is a great way to let your creativity shine outside of your degree. Skill-sharing and collaborating are ideal for perfecting your work and helping other creators add to their portfolios – make sure to pop a few words in your IG bio to say that you’re looking to collab and drop a message in the FYI Forum, one of our talented bunch will be able to sort you out a treat!

Jasmine’s Tip: Do you feel like your portfolio is missing something? Or maybe your personal branding isn't hitting the spot? As Ellie rightly said, head over to this FYI Forum thread and do some skill-sharing with the other FYI members! We have had some amazing projects happen recently, check this out.

By Ellie Howkins,
FYI Features Writer 

Please note: If anybody is stressing or struggling with final hand-ins and graduating, please reach out! You can ALWAYS do so via the Chat, email or DM.

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