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Posted on Jul 15, 2020

I have already given you some top tips on how to create a Perf-Work Insta, but how about thinking of your work Insta as your 'Virtual CV'? If you struggle with creating or coming up with new post ideas for your work Insta, think about injecting ‘Virtual CV’ posts amongst your work imagery. For example, think about the sections on a normal CV and how you can interpret those as posts/tiles. Let’s take a look at those sections and get the ideas flowing:


  • Take a look at your 'About Me' or 'Profile' section on your CV, pull out the most exciting statements and think about how you can reflect them in a post
  • Post example: an image of you working, painting, drawing … with a caption which says  ’3 Things About Me’, ‘This is my Creative Process’, 'I love to design/create things that...'


  • Think about what will reflect the experience you have undertaken. An obvious one would be to post work that you created on one of your experiences, but think outside the box too
  • Post example: how about a testimonial from a past employer? Either reach out to one or maybe you already have something in an email from them telling you how amazing you are! You could also caption a post with '3 Reasons Why you Should Hire me' or you could talk about one specific experience, what you learnt there and your responsibilities
  • What are your biggest accomplishments? Maybe you recently got a First or you bagged the internship of your dreams whilst writing your Dissertation? Shout about them!
  • Post example: 'My Top 3 Career Achievements to Date'
  • It's great to show numbers and stats throughout your CV — so try and do it on your Virtual CV! For example: 'I entered my FMP into a competition and I received the Runner Up award out of 10,000 entries' or 'whilst working with the team, I helped grow their Instagram following by 5000'


  • Did you attend the Live Q+A with David from Missguided? David said he wasn’t a fan of a skills section where you just list skills — he would be more impressed with content that actually proved (or showed evidence) of these skills. So, what have you done that reflects your listed skills? For example, how can you show you have skills in Adobe?
  • Think about your skills and PROVING them. One of your skills could be ‘Marketing Campaigns’, so you could have a post showing a Marketing Campaign you have created and a caption such as: ‘My Skills: Creating Marketing Campaigns. For this campaign, I ....’ and explain why or how you have executed it


  • Show the best work you created at Uni. Like with a portfolio its all about showing the evolution of YOU and your work
  • Post example: a fun post could be a 3-screen carousel with work from First, Second and Third year to show the evolution or you could have feedback from your tutors as quotes


  • If your normal CV is looking snazzy, have it as a post and explain why it looks the way it does! Explain why you used the colours and fonts you have, touch upon your personal branding and the rationale behind it

  • If relevant, add imagery of you enjoying your interests outside of work. Like with a business account, people LOVE to see the face behind the brand and you need to do that too! Maybe it's an image of you painting in your garden, reading an issue of ELLE on your sofa or doing some DIY tie-dye! Showing personality is also key here, avoid just designed tiles


  • This Insta is a really great example of a work Insta, although the posts don't contain content like the above, imagine if this post was captioned with something like 'My 3 core-strengths as an artist' or 'This is how I created the final piece...' — which would reflect the Profile section of a CV



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