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Don’t Panic: 5 Powerful Reminders for Yourself During Lockdown

As we roll into our sixteenth week of lockdown it’s easy to feel beaten down by the low-level hum of anxiety that clouds our view of future opportunities. Having readied ourselves for the fast-paced world on the other side of two decades of education, our doe-eyes narrow as we contemplate the reality of the adult world drawn to a standstill.

Entering the working world can be overwhelming and often leaves you feeling lost, confused, or demotivated. Add a global pandemic and you’ve got yourself a good old-fashioned graduate crisis; Where should I apply? What do I want to do? Will I be stuck in a certain industry? Did I do the wrong degree? How am I different to other applicants? And WTF is going on?! There’s a huge amount of pressure put on graduates to have a plan of action when they finish their degree particularly with the added familial proximity of lockdown – get off my back mom!

So, for the next two minutes, indulge yourself in the following positive and powerful sentiments to ease your lockdown woes and career concerns – you got this girl!



As digital natives, we often take our aptitude for technology and social media for granted when it is actually a highly valuable and desirable skill. Learning to create content on TikTok can be a great use of your time (when used wisely) and, if appropriate, become a positive addition to your CV.

TIP: As fashion graduates, you have the benefit of your creative skills being visual, use that to your advantage! DIY sewing tutorials, garment try-ons, and a portfolio walk through is a great place to kick-off content creation.



Though fashion is among the many industries affected by the current crisis, its innovative nature and rigid position in the zeitgeist means that it will evolve and resurge with a new approach and new ideas. Keep up to date with the latest fashion news and become a pioneer for the future of fashion.



As a generation, we’ve developed a rep for holding brands accountable for their standards of sustainability and diversity, and businesses are not underestimating the buying power of Gen-Z and cancel culture. Developing better Gen-Z insights is essential for marketing to their future consumers so who better to ask than the youths themselves, AKA us!



Though the word has arguably lost its meaning in recent months, the things we relate with it seem to be gradually returning (Bojo permitting). Opportunities will come, moves will be made, and the industry will need you and your valuable skills to create, rebuild and innovate for the future.


5. 'Don’t let the distance between where you are and where you want to be scare you out of simply moving forward' — @werenotreallystrangers

Thinking about what we want from our careers is exciting and terrifying. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to be where we are right now. Everything you’re doing is contributing to your journey in its own little (or not so little) way.

By Ellie Howkins
FYI Features Writer

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