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Everything you Need to know about Content Creation: Live Q+A with The Self Hood


In this expert Live Q+A, Jasmine was joined by Daisy — founder of The Self Hood. Daisy helps fashion brands with their social strategy and content and now YOU. Daisy really is the top dog of Insta content and Reels! Just for perspective, Daisy's Reels can get up to 28k views! With a follower count of under 10K that is IMPRESSIVE.... Her Insta is original, authentic, fun and has insane engagement. This is one of our faves and Daisy has SO MANY insane insights that we were feeling so inspired — we even go through Daisy's Insta feed live! P.s. Daisy is also an ex-fashion student so she knows exactly how things go down... 

  • You don't know where to start with your content for your social accounts and want some proven, expert (yet creative) advice and tips
  • You want some fashion-related creative ideas for your content (especially Instagram)
  • You want some expert tips on increasing following and engagement
  1. What is your career journey? From interning through today...
  2. Biggest lesson learnt from entering the industry/early career?
  3. What would you tell your younger Uni-self?
  4. What is your pet-peeve when it comes to social + content?
  5. What do you LOVE to see?
  6. If you were a fashion student or grad — what kind of original content could they be producing?
  7. How do they get the ball rolling?
  8. How do students and grads ensure they create engaging and original content that sells themself — but gets across their personality?
  9. Top tips for increasing following and engagement?
  10. For someone with limited design skills — how can they go about creating content?
  11. Biggest lessons learnt from 2020 Social Media/Insta?
  12. Fave social hacks?

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