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Posted on Apr 30, 2020


Cover letters can sometimes leave you stumped, but do not fear! It really is straight forward once you have the know-how. FYI has created an easy formula that will help you craft a banging cover letter in no time. 


Section 1: WHO to address it to

Employers love being addressed by name in cover letters, so try to find out who your application is be going to. Utilise your stalking skills and get looking on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and their company website. Sometimes their name isn’t always easy to find and it’s best not to use one if you aren’t 100% sure. So in this case, use the company name to address. Such as; ‘Dear VOGUE’. It’s a lot more engaging than using ‘Dear Sir/Madam/whomever it may concern’.


Section 2: What ROLE are you applying to?

It’s good to specify what role you are applying to because an employer or recruiter may have multiple roles that are live. So, it’s best to be super-clear straight off the bat. 


Section 3: Who are YOU? What are YOU up to?

It’s key to clearly state who you are (as a creative, not your name) and what you are currently doing; especially when applying for internships. Are you still at Uni or have you just graduated? What course are you studying? What Uni are/were you at? Do you have a specialism?

For example: 'I am a recent Fashion Promotion graduate from Ravensbourne University, where I specialised in Graphic Design.


Section 4: WHY do you WANT to work for the brand?

You really want to STROKE the brand's ego; they LOVE this. So make sure this section is always your first main paragraph. Why them? Get specific and get researching. What work do you love of theirs? Maybe it’s a recent collection or a magazine spread? If they can see you have a GENUINE interest in them, a PASSION for the brand and you have clearly invested time into them already; this will get their ATTENTION and win you big points.


Section 5: What SKILLS do you have that are RELEVANT to the role? What can you SHOW OFF about?

As I always say, keep scanning and referring back to that job description. What things in the job description MATCH to your skills and CV? Pick 3 things. Also for this section; add in any other impressive info such as personal achievements, projects and key experiences.

TOP TIP: Print off the role description, grab a highlighter and match your skills visually. BOOM.


Section 6: Show them you REALLY want the role and WHY?

It’s great to sign off your cover letter with a little something that really shows them you GENUINELY want the job. Why will it HELP you? How will it help you develop? Why THIS position? Why THIS brand?

For example: 'I am looking to develop my print production skills within a vibrant design studio environment and would love to be part of the RIXO team'.


Section 7: A PROFESSIONAL and LASTING sign-off. Can you sign off with something personal and charming?

Kindness goes a long way and it’s good to finish with something that will stick in someone’s mind. You also want to thank them and finish with your name.

For example: 'Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really hope you succeed in finding the right candidate.'

TOP TIP: Sign off with your first name as it’s more personal. But only do this if your full name is elsewhere on your cover letter.

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