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Posted on Jun 18, 2020

I bang on SO MUCH about reaching out to brands and making an IMPRESSION. You have to always think 'what can I do that will get their attention and make them hit reply?'. Yes, we can all compose a powerful email now (see this and this) but for the brands or people you REALLY want, you have to do something EXTRA SPECIAL. Check this out ...


Dani (an FYI Member) recently reached out to me to see if I had any positions available. Dani sent me a great email, CV and Cover Letter but she also sent me the perfect example of the above. I recently gave Dani some advice in the FYI Forum on picking yourself up again after getting turned down for a job or internship. So, this is what she did:

'I especially liked the advice you gave me the other day on picking yourself up after getting turned down for a job or internship. I took the advice you gave me and extended it into an article, mocked up in an FYI website design (I have attached this to the email).'

  • That she really cared
  • That she really wanted to make an impression
  • That she had taken the extra time and thought
  • That she really knows the brand — this article could happily sit in the FYI Handbook. If you can get across to an employer that you and work is a match for the brand already, that is already a win.

Funnily enough, I did something super-similar just before Dani had sent this (that means we are working subconsciously as a community YES!). Like you, I also reach out to brands and people for various reasons (press, PR, collabs, interviews, Q+A's).

I really wanted to do a Live Q+A with someone from Sunday Time Style. On my hit list was Flossie Sauderns, the Fashion Editor. I did the usual: LinkedIn, Twitter, email ... but I also sent her a mock-up of how her Live Q+A would actually look onsite. This is what I put:

'Just to show you how GREAT the Live Q+A with you would look onsite, please see attached for a sneak peek'.

If we weren't in lockdown, sending something physical is also my FAVE thing. This tends to work better with smaller brands, studios and offices etc, just so it doesn't get lost and falls into the right hands. For example, let's say you wanted to work at a fashion brand, buy one of their plain T-shirts, print your CV on it and send it to the office. This is just an idea, but there is SO MUCH you could do.

I once had a student who had taken the companies website and mocked up her CV into it, which I thought was fun!

Sending something physical is a fun idea but not vital, so think about what you can do digitally...Maybe you record an 'About Me' video or TikTok and send it alongside your CV or mockup something like the above.

Have some fun with it and don't forget to show me your ideas! 💖 

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!