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Posted on Apr 30, 2020
Whilst we are at home ATM, distractions are everywhere and it's hard to stay motivated! But there are a few little things you can do to increase productivity, stay focused and get s**t done:


When I was doing my dissertation, website blockers were my saviour. You know those (very frequent) moments when you get stressed or bored and want a distraction, off you go to The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed or ASOS. But not with a website blocker! You can add a list of websites you want to refrain from visiting and the amount of time to block them for. I recommend designating a morning of hard graft (9 am-12 am), I call these the power hours. Put on a blocker for that timeframe and I promise you, you'll be so shocked at how much you get done!
There are loads out there but check out this one for Chrome or this one for Windows.


We can block certain websites, but having your phone is probably the main source of distraction. Let’s say you have designated your morning to some serious get-your-head-down-graft, the websites are blocked so now we need to sort your phone.
I like to turn my phone off when I need to get my head down. I set myself a task and at the end, I can turn it back on. For example: if I have 4 articles to write I will tell myself to do one and then I can turn my phone on. I find if it's on "Aeroplane" mode or "Do not Disturb", I am still wondering what notifications are coming in.


Okay, we all love shopping, but I especially love new stationery that will help me stay organised and focused. Folders, a new notebook or a new calendar, always make me feel motivated about starting a new project. But don't forget that we have a shop filled with things to help you get motivated and as a member, you have 20% off! Check it out here.


Starting the day with the hardest task is my fave way to tackle a scary workload. Whatever it may be; once it is done and out of the way you are on track to a productive day. I am always more alert first thing in the morning, so I like doing the trickier tasks (or the ones I am least looking forward to like banking and finance ha!) first thing in the morning.

5. Create Your 3 MIT’s

AKA Most Important Tasks. We like to create ENDLESS to-do lists for a day. Most of the time it is unrealistic to complete ALL tasks and if you haven’t completed them, you end up feeling a little down about yourself by the end of the day.
So before you touch anything (social, emails, laptop), start your day by creating your 3 Most Important Tasks. This will help you understand what to prioritise and allowing yourself to focus on just 3 things makes it more likely to get those done - meaning you will feel all that more productive in the process! I like to write the 3 different tasks on 3 separate PostIt’s and put them on my computer screen. Once one is done I like to screw it up and physically throw it away. It's so therapeutic! I also like to do this, give it a try for optimum motivation:
  • Create 3 MIT’s before I go to bed, so it’s ready for me in the morning. Having a plan for when you start your day will give you clarity and provide some serious focus to accomplish your goals.

  • You know that feeling when you have been working all day and feel like you haven’t accomplished much? At the end of the day, I like to write down all the things that I have accomplished that day. It could just be clearing emails! I promise once you start reflecting on your day, you will have done so much more than you think.

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