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August Accountability Challenge: 12 Goals Towards Greatness 👊

We all LOVE the Summer, especially with the arrival of August it signals fun and frolicking — but we still have to get s**t done. With the heat comes demotivation, so I wanted to create a little something to help you stay on track and focused this August! For the next 4 weeks, on a Monday you will set your weekly goals in the FYI Forum in order to help you reach your desired goal on September 1st. Once you have defined your dream September 1st goal, you can get going with your weekly mini-goals! I will also buddy you up with another FYI Member if you are happy to do so — I highly recommend this as it keeps you accountable!

At the weekly Friday Meet Up, we can also discuss your goals for the following week. On September the 1st, we will see how far we have come and if there is anything else we can do to push you forward. All goal setting will be done in one FYI Forum thread, which is linked below. All details are in the thread and for extra clarity, this is your 4-week breakdown, so set your Monday reminders, Honey:

Monday, August 3rd:

  • Define your Septemeber 1st goal
  • Set your 3 goals for the week 

Monday, August 10th:

  • Set your 3 goals for the week 

Monday, August 17th:

  • Set your 3 goals for the week

Monday, August 24th:

  • Set your 3 goals for the week

Tuesday, September 1st:

  • We will discuss your progress on Zoom

Did this help Honey?

If not, just post your question in the FACEBOOK GROUP and we will answer it within 24 hours. Better yet — you may even get other members responding with their prime knowledge!


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