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What To Put On A Fashion CV - The Dos and Don'ts

interns + grads Feb 22, 2022
How to write a fashion cv

We have ALL been there when it comes to updating or creating a CV… Do I? Don’t I? WTF goes here? How should I write this? Then the WTF overwhelm when sets in. So let’s go back to basics. The CV basics.

Like every good makeup regime needs a good prime and prep — so does your CV. You gotta lay a strong foundation in order to create magic. Stop endlessly scrolling TikTok and Pinterest (I see you 👀) for the answers and use this blog post as your ‘Before I Send to an Employer’ checklist, to ensure you grasp the attention of the brand on the other end. Every 👏 damn 👏 time 👏 

Trust me when I say it's the small details on your CV that really matter. From hyperlinks to content organisation — these small things make up a bigger picture for employers. Why? Because getting it right, shows you really want the role.

So, let’s get it right in under one hour…



1. Add terminology and buzzwords that feature in the job description

✅ Action step: Check out this FYI blog post. Don’t have a job desc? Find others online that match the potential role or opportunity.


2. List content sections in this hierarchy: Contact Details, Profile, Experience, Skills, Education

✅ Action step: Declutter your Contact Details section by using LinkTree, just like this.  


3. Use hyperlinks to link to your social accounts, work or specific projects

✅ Action step: Refer to a certain project in your CV such as your Graduate Collection or something you did whilst working at a brand? Link them to visuals of this on your website, social or any brand media. This gives them context and proof — which brands LOVE.


4. Add design elements such as your personal branding to show them who you are

✅ Action step: Check out our fully editable CV Templates for prime design-element inspiration.

FYI CV Templates for serious design-element inspiration



1. Go over one page

✅ Action step: After 5 years in the industry, I have a one-page CV. Just select your most relevant pieces of experience for that role.


2. Add unnecessary info such as your date of birth or full address

✅ Action step: Remove your DOB and when it comes to your address just have your area and postcode. Such as 'East London, E3’. This keeps it professional, gives you more space but most importantly safe! Maybe I watch too much true crime (#TheTinderSwindler), but you don’t want strangers knowing exactly where you live do ya?!


3. Use a profile picture

✅ Action step: Your face won’t sell you. Your creativity and skills will. So remove it and add a logo or creative element that reflects your personal branding.


4. List basic skills such as *Microsoft*

✅ Action step: Pick 3-5 of your strongest, most relevant skills and provide evidence. Use hyperlinks for added magic!

Skills Section Magic



Start with these slight adjustments and you are well on your way to a professional CV. Don’t stress about what to put on your fashion CV, just use this as your starting point! Not very confident? Always remember your CV is an evolution of you. Gosh, my first CV at Uni was SHOCKING. But as I developed, so did my CV. Just remember you are creative, so dazzle them with your creative work, ideas, and projects. Your CV is just a tease to get them excited to see more of your work. If you want some more CV Magic, grab our CV Freebie 👇 

As ever, I believe in ya.

Jasmine 🌸



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