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Not Hearing Back? See When a Brand Opens Your CV Every Time! πŸ€ [Video]

interns + grads Mar 29, 2022

You know those times when you send out countless emails to brands and you haven't got a clue if they have opened it or not?! Well, with my #1 hack you will be able to see when they open it, every πŸ‘ damn πŸ‘  time. It's a secret and it starts with the letter L...




M Ever heard of it before? Well. Hold onto your bucket hat, this is my fave FYI Hack and it will be your new fave way to πŸ€ Shoot Your Shot πŸ€ with brands. Loom lets you record quick videos of your screen and cam and makes them instantly ready to share and watch.

So what has this gotta do with job applications, never hearing back and CVs? The beauty with Loom is that you can πŸ‘€ SEE πŸ‘€ when someone has viewed your Loom. Meaning, once you send yours to your dream employer or brand, you will know if they have opened it.

'But this is a video, how can that be my CV?'. Well, Honey. It's time to get creative. The video is gonna be your CV and I will show you how in this video.

Being seen by industry is all about doing things differently. Aggregating the norm. This is how you do it. Want more ways to get in front of industry in a coooool way? Come to my Live Event on March 30th, that will truly change your career AND life: Sell Yourself: How Your Next Career Opportunity Takes just ONE

In this video you will learn:

βœ… A new and innovative way to see when a brand opens your application

βœ… 3 ways to translate your CV, work, and personal brand into a video Loom form

βœ… How to shoot your shot to be seen in a new, exciting and innovative way

Are you coming? πŸ‘‡


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