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Posted on Jan 05, 2021

Looking to claw back some pennies after the Xmas period, Honey? Is your New Years rez to curb online shopping and flat whites? Well, we have just the article for you!

Check out 25 of our favourite FYI Penny-Pinching Hacks to save you £££ - from freebies to discounts, to top tips - we've got you covered...


1. For every creative: Creative Market Monday Freebies
Download 6 high-quality freebies every Monday. Downloads include fonts, mockups, patterns, backgrounds, prints, templates... Once you sign up, you will also get reminders sent to your inbox every Monday! Start collecting them now and add them to a folder each week so you can whip them out whenever you get the chance.

2. For the book-lover: Z-Library
You can download 10x ebooks a day or more if you make a small donation. Happy reading! 

3. For the Designer: Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial

Always wanted to try out Adobe? Make the most out of their 7-day free trial by planning exactly what you want to do. Want to jazz up your portfolio or create some mock-ups? Find some YouTube tutorials first so when you get the free trial you can get started ASAP!



4. For the coupon-crawler: Honey Chrome Extension
Never search for voucher codes again. With one click, Honey’s smart shopping assistant will automatically apply discounts to your cart – in seconds. 

5. For the Amazon Addict: Amazon
Add things you want to your basket and Amazon sometimes notifies you when there's a discount! Wait and see...

6. For the Snack-Lover
You go to a supermarket and your total increases every aisle that you go down! To avoid this sporadic buying of treats, either shop online (less aisle temptation) or use the Smart-Shop devices you get in most supermarkets. Using one of these devices means you can keep an eye on your spending as you go!

7. For the clothes-hoarder: Depop
Use your creative skills in Styling and Photography to post your unwanted garms on Depop - you'll be surprised how much a good pic can help it sell!

8. For the all-round Freebie-Lover: Magic Freebies
You can get up to 8 freebies a day when you sign up to their newsletter or just have a browse on their site and see which tickles your fancy!



9. Missing the scene? Eventbrite offer a range of FREE Fashion-related events
From Live Fashion Shows to webinars and workshops - this is a great place to learn and network. 

10. Get your brain working after Xmas by taking an online course at Udemy 

They offer discounted courses in a huge range of topics including Fashion - get learning! It's also a great thing to add to your CV.

11. Fancy flicky through the glossies? Head to the British Libray Archive for some fashion mags

Need some for a project or dissertation or just fancy a read? The BL has an EXTENSIVE catalogue of mags that you can take out and read there.


12. Say goodbye takeaways and hello to batch cooking

You'll be rewarded for resisting the temptation of Deliveroo with tasty meals that last you much longer than the momentary (although great) joy of a takeaway. Team up with your flatmates and split the cost of a delish, healthy meal!

13. Try out these overnight oat recipes and discover your new breakfast bestie 

This tasty lil breakfast treat is easy to make and saves you nipping to Co-Op or your fave café. Super cheap and super yummy when you make it right!  

14. Not making the most out of your gym membership? Get active at home!

There are loads of ways to try out new forms of exercise that don't break the bank - try Pilates with Katja on YouTube or we love Body By Ciara for £15 p/m.

15. Can't part with your lattes? Buy a milk frother 

Most milk frothers cost roughly the same as 5-10 coffees - think about whether it's worth it to you. Are you a coffee addict? Could you split it with your housemates/ partner? 



16. Try a no-spend day!
Have 1 day per week in which you spend £0 money. Not a penny. Nada. If you can increase from 1 day do it!!!

17. Resist your habits!
Do a 'no-buy' something for a set amount of time. For example: 'No ASOS orders for one month'.

18. Start using a Budget tracker 
Apps like Girlboss Download can help you keep an eye on your spending and help you stop yourself when it's getting out of hand.

19. Be ruthless with your outgoings
Have a look over your 'outgoing transactions' or subscriptions on your online banking and cancel any you don't need.

20. Use the 30-day rule to stop impulse buying
Give yourself a month to consider a purchase - if you still need/ want it then go ahead.

21. Ask someone to be your money supervisor
Get one of your thrifty friends to double-check your spending - every time you want to buy something, message them and ask them whether it's a good idea. 

22. Create a goal to work towards 
Setting yourself a numerical savings goal is great motivation! You can either set a weekly, monthly or total goal for your savings account and feel great when you're working towards your target. 

23. Try dry Jan and no takeaways
It's not just good for the body but also the bank account

24. Skill-swap!
Need something doing that normally costs £££? Try a skill-swap! For example, if you need a post-lockdown trim, swap your Adobe skills and create a business card for them in exchange for the snip!

25. Learn more about finances
There is plenty of free advice available across social platforms and online course providers but to get you started here are some IG accounts we love for financial advice! 

RainChq - Helping women make money moves 

Go_Fund_Yourself - Talking money and financial news

Millennial Money UK - Demystifying personal finance for Millenials 

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