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September Live Q+A with Sustainable Fashion Brand, Orwell + Austen: 'This is How you Start a Fashion Brand, Make Money and be Happy'


In this Live Q+A, we were joined by the founder of sustainable fashion brand Orwell + Austen, Jessica. Jessica has built a beautiful brand from the ground up after changing her career path from Law. So how did she do it and how did she create a brand that is loved by bloggers and celebs?! Jessica recently found an intern via FYI too — so let’s find out why she hired who she did and how you can be the best possible candidate when applying.⁣ Aspiring designer or not, it’s absolute gold!⁣

  • You want to know how to start a fashion brand
  • You want to understand the production of garments
  • You need a little motivation this September⁣
  • Need help with navigating the fashion industry or advice on redirection⁣⁣
  • You are a bit nosey and would love to know stood out in the FYI applications⁣ ;)⁣
  • Sustainable fashion is the sector you want to go into but you don’t know how⁣ to start
  • You are an aspiring designer and would love to know how to create a brand from the ground up — from sketches to production⁣⁣
  •  Would love to know how to create a brand that sells⁣⁣


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