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Need to Create a Personal Brand? Start Here, Honey.



In this episode of FYI + Friends, I sit down with the insanely talented Courtney, who is a personal branding GENIUS. Courtney is currently Junior Brand Manager at Lipcote & Co and she truly is a branding force to be reckoned with! She is also one of the most intelligent and articulate souls I know... You know that person at uni who just smashed absolutely everything? That's Courtney! This episode is pretty meaty, so grab a cuppa and I assure you, you will leave having learnt SO MUCH. I most definitely did...



  • You are not sure what a personal brand is
  • You want to start creating yours but don't know where to start
  • You want to know how to create a genuine, memorable personal brand
  • You want to know what makes a great personal brand



  • How to bag the internship of your dreams with one simple process
  • How to contact a brand and make an impact
  • Top tips on infiltrating brands
  • How to turn your internship into a job
  • How to get a fulfilling internship and grow with abundance
  • How putting out positive vibes and make waves
  • How applying to smaller niche brands will be the best thing you'll ever do
  • How to nail that sweet spot of a personal, yet professional, brand



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