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Posted on Jun 10, 2020

Rachael Clarke was the Senior Advisor on the Emerging Talent at ASOS and is now a Personal Performance Coach. Rachel and her team looked after and helped to develop all interns, Grads and apprentices that walked through the door at ASOS ... AKA she knows her s**t when it comes to developing and hiring interns and Grads.

Rachael was responsible for building the development programmes for the interns, Grads and apprentices, ensuring they developed all the hard and soft skills they needed to flourish whilst at ASOS and in their early careers.

** Apologies, in some parts of the video the WIFI quality dipped very slightly! It has been edited as much as poss without taking out valuable content **

  • What your application needs to stand out in front of brands like ASOS
  • What is takes to impress as an intern, Grad or employee in the workplace
  • How to showcase yourself successfully on your CV
  • How to get your network-groove on and be SEEN in the industry during the lockdown
  • How to maximise your social profiles
  • What to do if you don’t feel like you tick all of the skills boxes the employer is asking for
  • In light of COVID, where we see fashion jobs and opps going


  • How to network in the industry without many industry contacts
  • How to maximise your potential in the industry
  • What NOT to do on your CV
  • How best to use social media to network and interact
  • How to have a standout skill section on your CV
  • How inviting conversation on social media channels is key
  • If your experience has been a little all over the shop, how you can use a strapline on your CV
  • How you can shine and put forward ideas to companies that would help them come out of COVID
  • LinkedIn tips
  • How not to get overwhelmed in the workplace and stay SANE and happy!
  • Our top hack for staying productive
  • How to keep the balance of showing personality but being professional
  • How to keep it cool in high-pressure environments such as ASOS
  • Should you have a separate work Insta or intertwine in private?
  • Image of you on your CV, yes or no?
  • Why ATTITUDE is everything
  • How to get noticed with your LinkedIn note

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