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July Live Q+A with Missguided: 'Back to the CV, Applying and Hiring Basics'⁣


In this Live, Jasmine is joined by straight-talking expert guest David Smith from Missguided. David is the Talent Acquisition Lead at Missguided and is responsible for sourcing the best talent for the business. In this Live, we go back to basics and dish out the practical advice you need to make your next career move...



  • Understand the fundamentals of a perfect CV and application
  • Have a glimpse into the hiring process of a fashion brand — from posting the job description through to placement of the candidate
  • Understand the landscape for roles and opportunities coming out of COVID



  • Davids CV pet peeves
  • How important tailoring your CV is
  • The sheer depth of the application process and why it's so important to only show relevant information (David can get through 200 CVs a day)
  • The big no-no's for recruitment
  • Creative CVs vs standard CVs
  • How to flex your experience to the role — even if you don't have the exact experience
  • Why you need to PROVE your skills section
  • How to highlight what took place at your previous work experience and how it relates to the role
  • How to create a killer opening sentence on your CV
  • How Applicant Tracking Systems work
  • The application process and how candidates are chosen
  • Relevant experience vs no relevant experience
  • Are Instagram profiles needed?
  • How to clarify your location on your CV if you are applying for roles outside of your location
  • Creating the best portfolio for fashion brands
  • How your CV can get your foot in the door
  • Zoom interview tips

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