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How to Hype Yourself Up (AKA Self-Promotion)

This month is all about self-promotion — AKA: "Hype Yourself Up" month. Last month, we refined your personal brand and now it is all about what you DO with that personal brand; where you put it and how you get it out there. If you missed it, find all personal branding content here.

Over the course of this month, we are going to be going over everything you need to make yourself SHINE — from your online presence, to how to professionally communicate with your dream brands, to networking with other creatives. You need to understand how to self-promote because this can ultimately get you work. The industry is competitive and you need to make NOISE. You need to create HYPE around yourself. With a strong personal brand and a sprinkling of authentic self-promotion, this recipe for greatness will have you ready to contact brands and go after your own opportunities in no time.


  • If you don't put yourself out there, how will people find you?
  • If you don't believe in yourself, who is going to?

Self-promotion in this digital world is your strongest tool — it's how you get where you want to go. Just like a shop confidently puts their products on their website to sell — you need to do this also to SELL YOURSELF. The ever-growing online and digital world is a marketplace for creatives. Employers go online to find YOU and you go online to find THEM. In both cases, you need a strong and professional online presence.

You need to put yourself in front of people and brands but it's also about how you SEE yourself. Like a brand, when they promote a product; they believe in the product, they understand the qualities, they are CONFIDENT about what they offer.

In your world, that means shouting about the fact that you got a first in your dissertation, or that your collection was picked for the GFW catwalk, or that you helped a brand do X.

TOP TIP: Keep a folder, list or log with your achievements and add to it as you go. You can refer back to this when you need to shout about your achievements or for a confidence-boost.


  • If you put yourself in front of people, they will see you
  • If a potential employer likes what they see


  • Understand what makes you GREAT
  • Don't be afraid about shouting about your wins — it's like a muscle. It gets better the more we do it!
  • Spread this magic across everywhere by developing your online presence 


Grab a pen and paper and write down:

  1. Your USPs and qualities
  2. Your achievements to date

Next, I want you to get yourself some testimonials and recommendations from past employers, clients and tutors. These can be used on your LinkedIn, website or Insta. But most importantly it’s to solidify your AMAZINGNESS. Check out this FYI article here for guidance!

In a nutshell, in the 2020 'career crisis' world — you have to be your biggest hypeman. Hype Yourself Up month will teach you how to recognise your own strengths and create a powerful online presence to help you communicate with your dream brands and bag some paid opportunities! Let’s go!

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