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Posted on Sep 07, 2020

In this episode of FYI + Friends (one of my faves), I sit down with the founder of Sighhh Studio — an online shop which beautifully functional stationery, gifts and accessories to help you navigate everyday life. Polly started her business whilst doing her A-Levels and 7 years later her business is going from strength to strength. Polly is a seriously talented illustrator-entrepreneur and she has built a business from her raw talent — so how did she do it and what is her advice for you? Find out in this insane video!

  • How Polly has built a successful business since A-Levels — shop sales are at their highest in August 2020 and Polly has a combined Insta following of 60k
  • How to turn your talents into a business — and make £££

  • How to maximise your natural skillset and SELL

  • How to create a badass brand — Polly is a Branding GENIUS and it seems everything she touches turns to creative gold!

  • When hiring, what impresses Polly on a CV, portfolio and application — how to stand out

  • Polly's 7 years of business and her top business advice
  • Polly's career journey — how it all started in her A-Levels, her interning journey and how she has built a business
  • How to make the most out of your internship positions
  • How to take the leap from Uni to creating a business
  • Advice on starting a shop on Etsy
  • Polly's advice on how to turn creative skills and talent into an income or business — and how to start
  • What Polly knows now, that she wished she knew when starting Sighh Studio
  • What are the main skills Polly would look for in an Illustration intern or employee — skills, attributes, attitudes
  • The things an aspiring Illustrator should be doing right now
  • Plus so much more ...

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