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Posted on May 14, 2020


In this episode, I sit down with Digi-Queen and friend BURO155. Phoebe recently advertised two intern positions on FYI (Social Media and Video Editing intern) for her content consultancy which helps brands create digital strategies that SELL. With the INSANE rise of Digital and Social Media positions, I thought it would be super beneficial for you to understand HOW to stand out for Digital roles. In this episode, we talk all things digital, social, Insta and niche business life!


  • Go into digital and want to know what it takes to stand out
  • Know what skills you need put you in the best possible position
  • Know how to contact brands via Insta 
  • Know how to up your Insta game to increase following and engagement
  • Get advice about finding opportunities after COVID-19 
  • What stood out in the many applications Phoebe received
  • What specifics stood out in the applicant's CVs
  • What NOT to do in an application
  • How to brush up on your SKILLS
  • How you can help small businesses like BURO155 
  • Top tips for growing a following and increasing engagement on Insta
  • How to turn your Insta captions around
  • How to invest in your skills to make you super employable
  • How Insta can get you internships, potential jobs and clients
  • How to necessitate a reply from a brand
  • Phoebe's and Jasmine's top hack for social media! (Our fave)


Find Phoebe here:

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Episode notes:

Achieve perfect line breaks in Insta captions

Over app for content creation

Hack for Insta stories using Over app

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