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July Live Q+A with Celeb Stylist and Creative Director Alexis Knox: 'How to Break into industry with a BANG'


In this July Live Q+A, I am joined by celebrity stylist Alexis Knox and ex Creative Director of Notion Magazine. Alexis has worked with the likes of Miley Cyrus, M.I.A, Bruno Mars, Charli XCX, Craig David, The Weeknd, Rita Ora, Grimes … the list goes on! Whether you are interested in the world of styling, Alexis’s career journey is seriously inspiring — having cut her teeth at the bottom and is now reigning at the TOP.⁣⁣ Honestly, this Live is going to give you LIFE and so much drive to go and get s**t done this Summer. Alexis is a true force to be reckoned with and we ALL need to #RELEASEOURINNERALEXIS.

  • How to break into the Fashion Industry and successfully climb to the top

  • How to create a role for yourself by putting yourself out there

  • What it takes to be a Fashion Stylist, how to start off your career⁣⁣ and what skills you need

  • How to get your foot in the door of renowned fashion magazines and how you can get inside

  • Alexis' big do's and don'ts for CVs, Cover Letters and reach-out emails
  • How NOT to contact a brand
  • The new opportunities for interns on the horizon
  • How to make yourself known in the industry in order to get your dream career
  • What it takes to make it in your desired industry
  • How to land a role if there is nothing advertised

and so much more ...

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