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How Do I Sell Myself to Brands? Just Sell like a Fashion Brand! 💅

interns + grads Mar 16, 2022

Wondering ‘how TF do I put myself out there in industry? How do I sell myself to a brand? Where do I start with self-promotion?’ Well, I got a tiny secret for you: I want you to market yourself like a fashion brand to attract fashion brands. Like your fave fashion brand promotes their products digitally and physically in order to sell, you need to also. Like your fave fashion brand puts itself out there in order to be seen — you need to also.

These are the self-promotion basics and I’m gonna show you how to act like a fashion brand.

But before we kick off…

If I didn't practice self-promotion in the early days and every day since Graduating I would not:

💸 Be sitting here today writing this post for you and our FYI community of 22K+

💸 Have got my top fashion roles (without applying) at Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar

💸 Built a freelance career after graduating working with top fashion brands and earning £250 per day

💸 Have built a profitable business based on an idea I had a Uni in 2015

Pretty cool right? That’s the power of self-promotion. You gotta show up to glow-up baby.

I want you to think of self-promotion as though:


When I say ‘sell yourself’ I’m not talking Only Fans Honey. You need to sell your creative talent and skills. Like cash, your talent is a commodity that SO many brands want. Trust me.

If you don't put yourself out there, how will people find you?

If you don't believe in yourself, who else is going to?

Look at this equation:

[Fave fashion brand] » [promotes digitally and physically] = [brand awareness] = [sell product]

[You] » [promotes digitally and physically] = [brand awareness] = [sell product]

You are the brand and the product you need to sell is YOUR CREATIVE SKILLS AND TALENT.

In order to get a role, you can’t just rely on applying for roles online. Just like the dating game, YOU have to put yourself out there. You can’t just sit around and wait for the one (the perfect role) to walk into your life. You have to go out there and get it! 

So I am gonna show you how to market yourself like a fashion brand to attract fashion brands! AKA the self-promotion basics...



Like your fave fashion brand, when they promote a product they believe in the product. They understand the products USPs (Unique Selling Point), the product's qualities, they are CONFIDENT about the product and what they offer. You need to also. If you don’t know what you are good at, how will anyone else see your amazingness? There is absolutely no time to feel vain in this self-promotion game. It’s dog-eat-dog baby. Shout about your skills and talent from the rooftops. For example, shout about the fact that you got a First in your dissertation (put it on your CV, add to your website headline) or that your collection was picked for the GFW catwalk, or that you helped a brand do X.

 ✅ Action Step: Go and write down your USPs, qualities, and your achievements to date so that you can see what info you need to promote and disperse. Next, I want you to get yourself some testimonials from past employers, clients, and tutors. With all of this info, start dispersing it on your LinkedIn, website, Insta, etc. This is a really important step for you to solidify your AMAZINGNESS for yourself.

Look 👀 it really works!



Like your fave fashion brand, they have a consistent brand. They have a vibe. They have colours, fonts, a website... Guess what? You need to also. Why? Because when you start putting yourself out there, brands will start checking you out. If you attract them, they like what they see, they see you are professional, they see you align with their brand. THAT IS A WINNER. Start looking at what your fave fashion brands do in terms of branding, use it as a guide, and reflect that in your brand.

The Personal Brand essentials:

  1. A logo
  2. 2 x brand colours
  3. 2 x fonts
  4. Website
  5. Business card
  6. Branded LinkedIn
  7. Insta (optional)

FYI, having a strong brand isn’t just about a solid website or clever logo. It’s about portraying this brand in person, from what you wear to your values. For example, I have the FYI logo on my phone case because I want to always rep my brand and promote my business. From selfie mirror shots to when I am in a cafe, I am reminding people of the brand. So do the same! Put your logo on your desktop so when you go to an interview it’s there or get a phone case made with your logo. Always remember the golden branding rule: be consistent and live your brand.

✅ Action Step: When reading this, I am sure you have had your ‘fave fashion brand’ in mind (if not where have you been?!) So, who is that? Are they high-fashion like Jacquemus? Contemporary like Poster Girl? Or are they timeless like Chanel? Whatever the brand, their aesthetic is one you naturally align with and are attracted to, so use that as a starting point for your brand. Create a Pinterest board and start to collate their brand colors, logo, fonts, imagery to get some inspiration flowing.

FYI branding runs through everything: onsite, my laptop background, phone case, invoices… I even wear my brand colours religiously. Your brand should be no different.



Like your fave fashion brand, they show up on social, online, and physically to spread the word about their brand. You need to also. By now, you should have an idea of your USPs and your personal brand so now it’s time to show that to the world. With this I really want you to remember that yes, social does have an impact but the physical selling of you is paramount. We live in such an oversaturated digital world, that we neglect the impact physical ‘selling’ can do. Self-promotion is at it’s best when done in person and this is what we call networking. I once met a woman in the gym, we got chatting and it turns out she was a designer for Adidas. This then turned into an epic industry contact. I could have left the convo there, but I promoted myself and my biz and the rest is history... I can’t tell you how many connections (and paid ops I have gained) just by having a conversation.

How to sell yourself across multi-channels:

Social Media:
Start conversations with industry, share your wins, promote your work
Platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram

Showcase your work and your brand online so you can be discovered, online events
Platforms: Website, YouTube, blogs

General conversations, networking, IRL events

 ✅ Action Step: Get yourself to an event this month, physical or digital. It doesn’t have to be an ‘networking event’ it could be a fashion fair, vintage market… There are 10,000+ in the UK on Eventbrite currently, so you have no excuse! Take your business card, start making conversations and promote yourself. 

Head to Eventbrite and get yourself to an event this month, physical or digital. 



Phew! I had ALOT to say on that. Self-promotion really is close to my heart and it’s the simple most important thing you need to start doing in order to start making waves in industry. It’s how I am here writing this for you now. It’s cheesy, but the more you do — the easier it gets. Really want that role? That brand? Then SHOW up. There are 100 other people behind you that are willing to self-promote, so you have to get in front and say Hi. This is me. These are my skills. I want to help you. Oh and P.S. No one else in the world has the skills that I do, look.’

💸 P.S. Want more on the How to Sell ‘Yourself’ topic?! We are doing a Live Event very soon that will be announced ASAP. So keep checking our Eventbrite profile in the meantime 💸

Time to start selling!

Jasmine 🌸


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