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How To Showcase Projects in a Fashion Portfolio — the FYI 4-Step Formula

interns + grads Mar 01, 2022

So you need to put together a portfolio and you don’t know where to start… Well, you came to the right place, Honey… I know what you are thinking: ‘What projects do I put in?! How many projects do I showcase?! Do I even have good enough projects?! How many pages?! What do employers want to see?! How TF do I present my work?!’


I have devised a fail-safe 4-Step FYI Formula to show you how to organise and present your projects in your folio to ensure it is SHOWSTOPPING. Once you have nailed the formula you can use it time and again. From uni portfolios to Freelance portfolios — it works every time, reduces the overwhelm and it’s what brands love to see. From Graphic Design to Fashion Buying, you can apply this FYI Formula to any specialism. Now I know what you are thinking again, ‘What if my specialism isn’t visual like Graphic or Fashion Design?’ – you can even apply this method to a Fashion Journalism portfolio!

FUN FACT: Showcased below is my Fashion Promotion portfolio I graduated with back in 2015. This portfolio led me to win the Fashion New Media award at Graduate Fashion Week (with FYI), got me scouted for my dream role as a Digital Designer at Topshop (RIP) AND got me countless internships and jobs after graduating. So you are in safe hands! 



Like every banging film or series of Euphoria tells a story, you need to do the same with your portfolio. Each one of your projects needs a beginning, middle and end. Why? You need to show the evolution of the project because employers love to see the way you think. It’s not all about perfected pages and the final outcome. Play. Explore. Have fun. Scan samples in. Rip things up. Show the evolution of the project and how you got to the final conclusion. 

Showing the journey is integral for brands to understand how you think as a creative. For each project show research pages (beginning), concept development (middle), and then the final piece (end).

You ready to change the way you create portfolios 4eva?! 🎉 Let’s go…


It’s all in the prep… Grab a pen or digitally jot down what you feel your strongest projects are. What do you want to show to brands that you are proud of? Just pick 3-5 that showcase your range of talent and skills. For each project, you want no more than 4-8 pages. As mentioned, the aim of your portfolio is to show the evolution of the project, so try and think about what happened from start to finish and note it down so you have a guide when creating (this stops the overwhelm). Then you can start to create your pages based on this information. If I was you, I would pragmatically plan in a table like this:


How did the project start? What research and exploration did you do when you first had your project ideas? This is your research phase, so think moodboards, brainstorms, initial designs, sketching, testing things… Now you need to translate that into a portfolio page! This is a moodboard page from my 2015 Fashion Promotion Graduating folio. Can you see how I have set the tone for the project and told the story of the project visually? This is the perfect introduction for your project. Who doesn't love a moodboard?! Don’t forget if revisiting your project work and you don’t think it is strong enough, take time to reformat and refresh the pages.

✅ TOP TIP: Before this page, I also like to introduce each project with a title page like this:



What happened in the middle of the project after your research stage and before the final outcome? This is how the project developed and how you moved closer to the final outcome. So think developed or more refined designs. Maybe you have taken a sketch from your research phase into CAD or developed a logo further. In my portfolio, this is where I started exploring elements of the app design from colours to typography, to icons to app screens. 



What was the final outcome of your project? Think of this as your final design or final piece. When you showcase this part of your project, make sure it is the best you can possibly present it. So think digital mockups, high-resolution imagery, perfect design. For my final outcome, I presented the final app design in a mock-up. 



Phew, you made it Honey! Feel less overwhelmed now? I hope you do. The key to creating a show-stopping portfolio is consistency. Now that you have this fail-proof formula locked down, you are onto a winner. Do these 4 steps every time you come to creating or updating your portfolio; prep, begging, middle and end. Storytelling is so HUGE with everything that you do and create, so keep it simple. Tell the story of you.

Now go create portfolio magic ✨

I’m rootin’ for ya.

Jasmine 🌸



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