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Get Yourself Some Killer Testimonials!

As the old saying goes... if you don't ask, you don't get. So time to ask for some LinkedIn Recommendations. LinkedIn Recommendations (AKA testimonials) are a really epic way to solidify you as a professional.

Just like websites have testimonials — you deserve and need them too Honey! Think about it like this: you go onto a website and you see AMAZING testimonials, you buy, you sign up, you follow. If an employer sees glowing testimonials about you — they will mentally buy into you right?! Here is how to get yours:

  1. Reach out and personally ask your tutors, former employers, current employer, clients, co-workers, customers, etc. if they would be happy to write a Recommendation on LinkedIn. I think it's best to ask personally first, instead of just cold-requesting via LinkedIn — but this is totally up to you.
  2. Then if the above has been agreed, head to LinkedIn and request a Recommendation. Do this by visiting the profile of the person you want the Recommendation from, click 'More', then 'Request a Recommendation'. They can also head to your Profile and recommend themselves. See below! 

Having these Recommendations on your LinkedIn ready for anyone who looks at your Profile is obviously great, but it's also great acknowledgement for you. I really think it will help boost your confidence and reinforce how great you are. Who doesn't love a bit of praise to ignite the fire?! You don't have to go nuts, 3 solid ones on your Profile is more than enough...

TOP TIP: You could also add these quotes to your website, Instagram and CV. You could be playful and include these in your Profile or Experience section, something like: 'Check out my Recommendations' and hyperlink. 

Did this help Honey?

If not, just post your question in the FACEBOOK GROUP and we will answer it within 24 hours. Better yet — you may even get other members responding with their prime knowledge!


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