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Posted on May 28, 2020


In this episode of FYI + Friends, I sit down with Leah AKA the Fashion Cultivator  — Fashion Buyer turned Fashion Brand Strategist and Coach.

Leah has been in the fashion industry for 12 years and has been climbing the Fashion Buying ladder since working on the shop floor at Topshop at 17. Leah has worked as a Fashion Buyer for the likes of TOPSHOP and ASOS and now has her own company which helps Fashion CEO's build their very own fashion empires! YAS!

Although this discussion focuses on Fashion Buying, it's FULL of amazing insights that will help and inspire anyone on their fashion career journey. 

  • You want to understand more about Fashion Buying
  • You are wondering what Fashion Buying roles entail and whether it is the area of Fashion for you
  • You want to know what it takes to STAND OUT as a Fashion Buying intern or employee
  • You want to know what it takes to shine in front of companies such as TOPSHOP and ASOS
  • You want to know how to work your way up from the shop floor to head office
  • You want to know how to turn your internship into a job 
  • The fundamentals of Fashion Buying
  • How trying different industries are key
  • Leah's interning stories from Stella McCartney to Harpers Bazaar
  • How Leah hounded the HR department to get her foot in the door at Topshop
  • How Leah worked her way up from Buying intern to Buying employee
  • When applying for Buying roles, what Leah did to STAND OUT
  • The #1 rule for choosing who to work with
  • How to stand out and be remembered in a Buying role
  • What key skills you need as a Buying intern or employee
  • What to expect from a Buying role
  • How internships act as a “sales pitch” for a full-time perm role
  • What stands out in a Buying CV and how to really get noticed
  • What Leah would tell her younger Fashion Buying self...


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