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Posted on Dec 01, 2020

Ahhhhhh. As you can tell I am EXCITED. I won't blab on — please watch the video for all info!

  1. Watch the video above
  2. Watch this Grad Chat with Rowan on 'How To Create the Perfect Professional Insta'
  3. Listen to this 8-min podcast: Spotify, Player or Apple

Today we start 'WEEK ONE: WHY, WHAT & HOW — Discover your niche content goals and how to achieve' and we are gonna get the ball rolling in the Facebook Group tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd Dec) at 11 am — so make sure you are in the group, keep your eye on notifications and GET INVOLVED. I will be asking you some questions that will UNEARTH your content goals — in prep for Week 2. I wanna bring a sense of fun, community and conversation to this week, so throw yourself in.

  1. Your December Timetable is here. Keep an eye on this and 'Dec News' as they will be updated and refreshed as we finalise new things
  2. My live workshop: 'Plan 1 year's worth of content — in 1 HOUR' is here. Put it in your calendar, a post-it on your mirror — it's going to change your life. BRING PAPER. BIG PAPER. PENS. PENCILS. 
  3. All content for this month will also live in the  'Content Creation' section in the Handbook
  4. There are soooo many incred things to come! We got lives, experts, downloads... So keep engaged, eyes on social, check the timetable! The more you put into this Honey, the more you get out. All we want to do is to help you succeed in 2021 and for everyone to see the creative genius every one of you has. We just gotta unearth it!

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!